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February 2016

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A sextile between courageous Mars and perceptive Pluto on the 3rd gets February off to a lively start. Take this opportunity to speak truth to power, even if it’s a little scary. On the same day, the empowering Sun forms a sextile to dignified Saturn, conferring authority and respect to brave individuals. On the 5th, Venus and Pluto will meet in ambitious Capricorn, making it an ideal time to pursue a dream job. A sextile between the creative Sun and independent Uranus on the 6th favors artistic pursuits of all kinds. Curious Mercury forms a trine to adventurous Jupiter on the same day; scheduling a trip or enrolling in a class could prove one of the best decisions of the entire month. In addition, Venus will make a square to rash Uranus at this time, warning against sudden romantic infatuations.

A square between the willful Sun and pushy Mars on the 7th could cause tempers to flare, especially when rules are broken. Romantic pursuits may fare better on this day, thanks to a sextile between alluring Venus and flirtatious Mars. The New Moon on the 8th will put great strain on a group project. Without a strong leader, the work will suffer; it’s a case of too many cooks spoiling the broth. More money for luxuries may become available on the 9th, thanks to a trine between lucrative Venus and expansive Jupiter.

On the 13th, intellectual Mercury moves into visionary Aquarius, paving the way for unusual ideas and bold proposals. It’s better to experiment with intriguing ideas than copy old formulas at this time. On the same day, Mars makes a sextile to Jupiter, favoring self-improvement programs. An exercise regimen, sensible diet or relaxation routine can yield impressive results under this influence. Affectionate Venus moves into sociable Aquarius on the 16th, paving the way for parties, get-togethers and celebratory dinners.

The expressive Sun moves into intuitive Pisces on the 18th, causing creative juices to flow freely. It’s a good time to launch a writing, music or design project. Concentrate on generating materials; there will be plenty of time to edit work later. The Full Moon on the 22nd may bring health problems to light; avoid stress, rich food and alcohol during this delicate time. It may be necessary to get a second opinion for a nagging ache or pain. On the 25th, a sextile between Mercury and Saturn favors serious study. Take this opportunity to prepare for an important test. Completing an essay or scholastic paper at this time could result in high marks.

Mercury makes a sextile to Uranus on the 26th, which is good for buying electronics, cars and appliances. A conjunction between the expressive Sun and compassionate Neptune on the 28th is perfect for donating time, money and resources to a worthy cause. Venus forms a sextile to Saturn on the 29th, which could inspire a sacrifice for a loved one. Helping a sick neighbor, depressed relative or struggling colleague could pay off handsomely at the end of the month.



You will be able to rescue a failing work project on the 3rd, thanks to some resourceful thinking. A public presentation could be well received on the 5th; wear something special for this talk. Bold plans and unique solutions could occur on the 6th, thanks to innovative thinking. It should be easier to convince peers than superiors at this time, so remain patient. Don't issue ultimatums to a romantic partner on the 7th; it's much better to compromise at this tense time.

The New Moon on the 8th may cause some friction at home. Friends may not approve of a romantic choice. Be ready to defend your beloved's honor. On the 9th, a terrific professional opportunity could arrive; be ready to venture into unfamiliar territory. Entering a competition could pay off handsomely on the 13th, when your drive and determination will be strong.

Attending parties and get-togethers is strongly favored on the 16th, when fun-loving Venus changes sign. Work could be stressful on the 22nd, due to a quarrelsome Full Moon. A group outing on the 26th may be lots more fun than you expect; be sure to attend. On the 28th, rest and relaxation will be emphasized; scale back your work schedule. News of a glamorous business trip could reach your ears on the 29th; invest in some sturdy luggage.



It will be easy to attract admirers on the 3rd, thanks to your enhanced allure. A romantic encounter on the 5th could prove blissful; tune into your sensual side. Beware of making a serious commitment on the 6th, when rash behavior can be cause for regret. Someone could give you a beautiful token of their affection on the 7th. If you don't feel comfortable accepting such a lavish tribute, say so.

It's important to maintain healthy boundaries on this potentially overwhelming day. The New Moon on the 8th marks a professional opportunity that isn't as wonderful as it sounds. The demands this job would make on personal time are too great; hold out for something better. News of an engagement, marriage or pregnancy may reach your ears on the 9th; go out and celebrate. Making career plans will be easier on the 16th, when you'll be more confident about the kind of job you want.

Discuss your options with a romantic or business partner; you'll be communicating beautifully at this time. Venus changes signs on the 16th, emphasizing the importance of a polished professional image. This is a good time to shop for work clothes. The Full Moon on the 22nd may force a choice between attending a social outing and going on a hot date; choose the latter. On the 29th, you'd be wise to use the resourceful energy of this time to open a savings account or put money in a retirement plan.



Assisting a friend in need will be favored on the 3rd, when you'll be in an influential position. A passionate encounter could occur on the 5th; give in to your romantic impulses. You'll be able to attract money from an outside source on the 6th, making it a good time to apply for a loan, grant or scholarship. It might be difficult to expand your horizons on the 8th, due to a tense New Moon. Getting time off work may not be possible during this hectic time.

The 9th will be perfect for attending a reunion or rekindling a romance with an old flame; wear something special for this momentous occasion. Mercury changes sign on the 13th, making it a good time to satisfy curiosity about unusual religious and cultural practices. Learning about indigenous people can also be illuminating. Venus enters another sign on the 16th, giving special appreciation for cutting-edge movies, music and books. It will be easier to pursue career objectives on the 18th, when your determination to make more money will increase.

The Full Moon on the 22nd brings a stressful family problem to light; it may be time to confront a delusional relative. Resolving a legal matter is possible on the 25th, thanks to the conciliatory energy of this day. The 26th presents a great opportunity to throw an impromptu party. A wonderful job is worth applying for on the 28th, when an opening will be posted at a nonprofit organization or artistic institution. Studying with a seasoned professional may be rewarding on the 29th; take this opportunity to satisfy your keen intellect.



Obey an overwhelming desire to make a dream come true on the 3rd, when you'll have the power to move mountains. A confession of love, marriage proposal or exchange of vows may occur on the 5th. The innovative energy of the 6th is ideal for developing bold business ideas. Resist the temptation to spend too much money on preliminary prototypes on this day; it's better to perfect a formula before pouring lots of financial resources into it. It will be easy to attract admirers on the 7th, when you'll be especially charming.

The New Moon on the 8th warns against taking a casual flirtation too seriously; it's best to keep things light with a love interest at this time. Someone could give you a beautiful gift on the 9th; be receptive to this generous energy. The 13th is perfect for paying bills and reviewing your budget, as you'll be intent on conserving resources. The charismatic Sun changes sign on the 18th. Follow an impulse to enroll in a class that has deep personal meaning.

The Full Moon on the 22nd is not good for addressing sensitive topics; facts can be deceptive at this confusing time. Job prospects are good on the 25th, so make sure to check the help wanted advertisements if you're seeking employment. Positive feedback from a supervisor makes the 26th a special day, when authority figures will be highly appreciative of staff.



Use the 3rd have a heart-to-heart discussion with a romantic or business partner; it will be easier than usual to talk about sensitive subjects at this time. Enjoy sensual pleasures on the 5th; it poses a great opportunity to have a gourmet meal, get a massage or soak in a scented bathtub. A heated exchange about religion or politics could break out on the 6th. It's best to avoid sensitive topics on this unpredictable day. Power struggles could erupt on the 7th.

When in doubt, follow the rules instead of challenging authority. The New Moon on the 8th puts strain on a close relationship. Striking a healthy balance between work and play could be challenging. It may be easy to attract a lucrative job offer on the 9th, when your natural charm will go into overdrive. Communication will become easier on the 13th, when logical Mercury changes sign.

It's easier to be playful with a loved one on the 16th, when affectionate Venus enters another sign. The Sun shifts into a different sign on the 18th, making it easier to understand the needs of a romantic partner. A paycheck on the 22nd could be less than expected, due to a stressful Full Moon. Prepare for a beautiful romantic encounter on the 28th, when your desires may be too powerful to ignore.


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Conciliatory energies will be strong on the 3rd, making it a good time to resolve problems at home. Your heightened allure on the 5th paves the way for romance. Plan an exciting vacation on the 6th; make sure to notify your boss about your trip. Dating and relating will be successful on the 7th; if you're single, you could meet someone special under this flirtatious influence. The New Moon on the 8th warns against extreme health regimens.

When it comes to getting stronger, slow and steady wins the race. Avoid crash diets and punishing exercise routines. Showcase your artistic talent on the 9th, when you'll find a receptive audience for your work. Mercury changes sign on the 13th, attracting some lucrative freelance work. It will be a good time to earn some extra money.

Venus moves into another sign on the 16th; this may be the best opportunity all year to get a makeover or go on a clothes shopping spree. The expressive Sun switches signs on the 18th, giving an added tenderness to close relationships. The Full Moon on the 22nd warns against making big decisions without consulting a romantic or business partner. The resourceful energy of the 25th is perfect for refinancing a home loan or negotiating a real estate deal. The 26th could bring sudden news of a financial windfall; prepare for a happy surprise. Schedule a special date on the 28th, when you'll be in perfect sympathy with a love interest.



The empowering energy of the 3rd gives you the courage of your convictions; stand up to a swaggering bully. The 5th emphasizes quality over fashion. When buying appliances on this day, choose models that have a reputation for standing the test of time. Petty quarrels with loved ones could break out on the 6th; try not to sweat the small stuff on this stressful day. Bargains and negotiations are favored for the 7th; try to get the best price you can for goods and services.

The New Moon on the 8th makes it difficult to get away from work. It may be necessary to cancel a fun outing for the sake of job responsibilities at this time. Life becomes more joyous on the 9th, thanks loving energy surrounding your home. Take this opportunity to celebrate a special occasion with your family. Mental Mercury moves into a different sign on the 13th, triggering innovative ideas.

Follow an impulse to begin a daring art project on this day. A tender romantic exchange can occur on the 18th, when the Sun moves into another sign. The Full Moon on the 22nd may bring some embarrassing information to light if you're not careful. Keep personal information and sensitive documents under lock and key. The 29th favors job interviews and professional presentations; pursue your career ambitions under this empowering influence.



Use the courageous energy of the 3rd to approach an intimidating authority figure who can further your career. Your heightened confidence also favors salary negotiations at this time. The 5th is perfect for realizing financial goals, since you'll be very persuasive with loan officers and authority figures. Be sure to accept an unusual work assignment on the 6th, when luck comes from unexpected sources. The tense energy of the 7th warns against putting undue pressure on an indecisive relative.

Romantic pursuits should fare better on this flirtatious day. The New Moon on the 8th could make you feel pressured conclude a real estate deal. Don't be too quick to finalize an imperfect arrangement; hold out for better terms at this anxious time. The expansive energy of the 9th could attract a lucrative writing job; taking this assignment could lead to others. Dealing with upsetting family matters could be easier on the 13th, when Mercury switches signs.

On the same day, attending a festive party could be a lucky move. Charming Venus changes sign on the 16th, improving professional prospects considerably. On the 18th, the charismatic Sun moves into another sign, lending assistance with a romantic relationship. The Full Moon on the 22nd brings the conclusion of a team effort; the results could be unimpressive. A satisfying creative project could be inspired on the 28th, when you'll be motivated to work alone.



Your charisma will be strengthened on the 3rd, presenting an excellent opportunity to make influential friends. On the 5th, a lucrative job offer may enable you to establish long-term security. Use your superior communication skills on the 6th to find a better job. Take this opportunity to submit job applications, gather work samples and collect professional references. Working behind the scenes can be profitable on the 7th, thanks to your ability to unearth hidden resources.

On the same day, an authority figure will be defensive, so keep your interactions with higher-ups light and polite. The New Moon on the 8th may bring disappointing news. Supportive friends and relatives can soften the blow of this setback. Getting a raise, securing a lucrative job or finding a moneymaking opportunity is a strong possibility on the 9th, thanks to the enriching energy of this day. A behind-the-scenes work assignment could be lots of fun on the 13th, when you'll welcome the chance to work independently.

The playful Sun changes sign on the 18th, increasing the desire to relax at home. The Full Moon on the 22nd creates tension on the career front. It may be best to turn down a demanding assignment for the sake of family responsibilities. It may be easy to attract the respect of both peers and superiors on the 25th, due to your superior communication skills. Use the nurturing energy of the 28th to spend quality time with relatives. The moneymaking potential of the 29th is ideal for signing a long-term contract.



The 3rd is great for finding employment that allows a great measure of personal freedom. An exciting new friendship could be formed on this day, due to your ability to attract accomplished individuals. Your charm will be at an all-time high on the 5th; take this opportunity to ask for a date, favor or pay raise. Planning a pleasure trip on the 6th is strongly advised, when you could find great deals on plane fares and hotel rooms. Relatives can be selfish on this day, possibly triggering a family quarrel.

A friendly relationship could become romantic under the enticing influence of the 7th. The New Moon on the 8th could attract a financial opportunity, but beware. Investing money in a loved one's business could cause the relationship to fall apart. The 9th could open the door to an overseas business opportunity. Mercury switches signs on the 13th, facilitating financial decisions.

More money for luxuries could become available on the 16th, when enriching Venus changes sign. This would be a good time to shop for clothes, jewelry and other luxury items. The Full Moon on the 22nd may bring an unsatisfying end to a legal matter; work hard to move past this disappointment. The facilitating energy of the 25th is good for dealing with a big bureaucracy, like a government agency or hospital. Solitary creative pursuits could be lucrative on the 29th.



You could get a chance to advance your professional prospects on the 3rd, thanks to your heightened ambition. On the same day, you'll be able to form friendships with influential people. A romantic rendezvous is favored for the 5th; take this opportunity to sneak off to a private hideaway with your love interest. Advertising initiatives and writing projects could fare well under the innovative influence of the 6th. Mixing business with pleasure could be disastrous on this day; stay focused on work.

A power struggle may erupt on the 7th, when authority figures can be oppressive and pushy. On the 8th, the New Moon will inspire a dramatic image change, but don't make any hasty decisions. It's better to play it safe on this distressing day. An inheritance, legal settlement or refund could be awarded to you on the 9th; embrace this abundant energy. Communicative Mercury changes sign on the 13th, causing people to be more receptive to bold proposals.

On the 16th, attractive Venus switches signs, heightening allure and increasing charm. Take this opportunity to enter the dating pool or make special demands of a romantic partner. The authoritative Sun enters a different sign on the 18th, making it easier to detect moneymaking opportunities. The intellectual energy of 26th is perfect for launching a blog, writing an article or studying a challenging subject. A casual flirtation could turn into a committed relationship on the 29th, when you'll want to make things official with someone special.



Being able to work independently on the 3rd will impress an authority figure that is looking for a trustworthy ally. A friend into a romantic partner on the 5th, when you develop tender feelings for someone you've known for years. The 6th is ideal for planning a dream vacation, thanks to terrific deals on plane fares and hotel accommodations. On the same day, an unusual moneymaking opportunity may fall into your lap; you could get paid to blog about your trip. It would be wise to obey a friend's book, movie or music recommendation on the 7th, when you'll get some good advice.

The New Moon on the 8th will create an urge for privacy, but it could be difficult to find a relaxing retreat during this frenetic time. The 9th may herald good news from a business or romantic partner; go out and celebrate. Taking or teaching a class is a strong possibility on the 13th, when your intellect is stimulated. On the 18th, the magnetic Sun moves into your sign, making it easier to command attention. Career talks are favored on the 25th, thanks to your heightened ambition.

Negotiating a pay raise is strongly advised on the 26th, when you may find it easy to demand what you are worth. The 28th is perfect for showcasing creative work, going on an audition or performing before the public. Mixing business with pleasure could be successful on the 29th, when you can have the best of both worlds.

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