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Monthly Horoscope

May 2015


May gets underway this year on a deeply thoughtful note, as exemplified by the Scorpio Full Moon on May 3rd. For Scorpio and the other two water signs – Cancer and Pisces in particular, this is a deeply emotional day, and all signs will find themselves pondering the deeper questions in life. On the same day, a Mercury-Saturn opposition suggests that we may be clinging to education or facts, trying to shoe-horn logic into an illogical situation. As the Sun squares up to Jupiter on the following day, restlessness and discontent is highlighted. On the global stage, patience is strained by a "difficult child", a state or country which will not play by the rules.

The tensions evident in the first week of May are relieved a little on May 7th, when Venus enters caring, compassionate Cancer, and brings some further patience to the table. For Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, this Venus influence points towards a significant time for personal relationships.

On May 9th, Mercury squares up to Neptune. This is a tricky aspect, which indicates too much choice - too many options are open, too many possibilities are being considered. This will the case on a personal level for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius; politically, this aspect could indicate a lack of decisiveness in world leadership - a delay which could prove significant in coming months.

The days around May 10th are rather unemotional, with an aloof Aquarius Moon followed by the arrival of Mars in logical Gemini. This won't stop us honoring our Moms, of course, but earth and air sign Moms (Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius) are more likely to appreciate practical, sensible gifts instead of sentimental ones.

By the time Mars opposes Saturn on May 14th, the month will have taken a rather ill tempered and darker turn. For Gemini and Sagittarius in particular, responsibilities are likely to weigh heavily, and leisure pursuits will need to go on the back burner. This aspect may also have some wider world significance, bringing tensions in free speech, or dramatic events surrounding efforts to "teach" or to enforce on ideology over another.

There is a healing vibe on May 16th, however, which should help to counter some of the aggressive tension as Mars and Saturn fight it out. On this date, Venus trines Neptune, spreading love and compassion - not only as fine words, but in practical deeds too. The Taurus New Moon on May 17th is a constructive influence too, and can help to rebuild relationships, whether international or personal. If action is to be taken on the world stage, it is to be hoped it is taken swiftly, before Mercury turns retrograde on May 18th and leaves actions open to wilful misinterpretation.

The sweet intervention of Venus and Neptune does not last, unfortunately, and more tense oppositions mark the third week of May. On the 21st, Venus switches mood abruptly and opposes Pluto, exposing power struggles and betrayal, particularly for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. On May 22nd, the Sun opposes Saturn, signifying a public who are increasingly unhappy with the failures of authority figures. Protests are possible, and in some instances, people will feel the need to take matters into their own hands.

May 25th brings two tense squares, between Venus and Uranus, and Mars and Neptune. Taken together, these squares suggest that poor judgement leaves a vacuum, which some may be keen to exploit in an extremist way.

There is hope for some decisive action on the global stage on May 27th, when a Mercury-Mars conjunction gives leaders the courage of their convictions, but May ends with a Mercury-Neptune square on the 28th, which suggests that balancing reason and ideology is no mean feat. On a personal level, this rather difficult month ends with Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces facing some tricky ethical and moral choices where there are no easy answers.


The Full Moon rises in intense Scorpio on the 3rd, putting strain on a close relationship. Power struggles over money could break out. It may be best to maintain three bank accounts: Yours, Mine and Ours. That way, you can each have a measure of independence, even while sharing certain bills. If you're single, you may have difficulty finding love. Preoccupation with your career could be driving romance from your door. If you really want romance in your life, it may be necessary to scale back on work. This could be difficult on the 5th, when a fabulous job offer comes courtesy of a trine between the empowering Sun and transformative Pluto. Mars, your ruling planet, will enter your Communication Sector on the 11th. You may be busy answering phone calls, e-mails and text messages on this hectic day. Be sure to keep your cell phone charged, as you won't want to miss any important calls under this pivotal influence. A job offer or date request could come out of thin air. An opposition between eager Mars and cautious Saturn on the 14th may cause frustration on the education front. Your boss may be reluctant to pay for a class that you think is essential. Keep applying pressure. The New Moon on the 17th might attract a lucrative job. Don't hesitate to accept a position involving lots of responsibility. This will be a marvelous opportunity to demonstrate your leadership skills. It's possible this job will be unlike any other you have previously held.


The Full Moon rises on the 3rd, marking a turning point in a close relationship. It may be time to walk away from a partnership with someone who is controlling. Being able to pursue the hobbies, friendships and dreams that inspire you is critical. If a friend or romantic partner discourages you from spending time on the activities and people you love, think about parting ways. The wilful Sun will make a square to excessive Jupiter on the 4th, warning against overindulging in food and drink. On the 5th, the empowering Sun will make a trine to transformative Pluto. This will be a wonderful time to gain increased knowledge. Becoming an expert could attract much better job opportunities. On the 7th, Venus, your ruling planet, will change sign. Take this opportunity to create an emotionally fulfilling routine. Spending more time with family, making delicious meals and relaxing at home can bring tremendous pleasure under this influence. Venus makes a trine to compassionate Neptune on the 16th, making it a good time to talk with friends and work on group projects. Artistic endeavors may be especially favored at this creative time. The New Moon on the 17th is ideal for getting a makeover or cosmetic procedure. You may be delighted with your updated appearance. An opposition between Venus and controlling Pluto on the 21st could result in a romantic power struggle. Arguments could continue on the 25th, due to a square between Venus and irritable Uranus.


On the 3rd, curious Mercury will oppose cautious Saturn. It may not be possible to get the answers you seek. Try not to worry about the situation. Information will arrive when it will prove most helpful. In the meantime, turn your attention to more fulfilling situations, like a loving relationship. A square between Mercury and deceptive Neptune on the 9th warns against believing idle gossip. Give a newcomer the benefit of the doubt. A jealous rival may have manufactured this story. Outgoing Mars will enter your sign on the 11th, giving your personality extra force and conviction. This is a marvelous time to go after your dreams. An impassioned appeal could cause your status to rise. The powers-that-be will be impressed with your ability to change hearts and minds. If you're in sales, you could make a new record on this magical day. An opposition between Mars and Saturn on the 14th warns against physical strain. Take it easy at the gym and on the playing field. Mercury, your ruling planet, will go retrograde on the 18th. You might have to revise your position about a political or social issue. Clearing up misunderstandings about your views may also be necessary. There could be a lot of contradictory stories swirling around you. Take this opportunity to set the record straight. Your best friend or romantic partner may not be very encouraging on the 22nd, when the upbeat Sun will oppose cautious Saturn. You'll probably forge ahead with plans anyway on the 27th, when Mercury meets outgoing Mars.


Jealousy could rear its ugly head on the 3rd, when the Full Moon rises. If your partner accuses you of straying, defend your honor. You deserve to be with someone who trusts and respects you. Furthermore, you should be able to have friends outside of your relationship. Are you single? Resist the urge to get involved with a possessive, obsessive love interest. Alluring Venus moves into your sign on the 7th, so attracting romantic attention shouldn't be a problem. Hold out for a mate who is worthy of you. Affectionate Venus makes a trine to idealistic Neptune on the 16th, which is perfect for going on a date or having a romantic dinner. If you're not in the market for love, turn your attention to a creative project that has a spiritual element to it. Be sure to attend a party on the 17th, when the New Moon will energize your Social Sector. You're sure to meet some interesting people at this gathering. One of your new friends could even develop a romantic interest in you. A power struggle could break out between you and a loved one on the 21st, due to an opposition between manipulative Venus and oppressive Pluto. This isn't a good time to buy luxuries or go on a shopping spree. Conserve resources to cover mutual expenses. Saving money for the future can keep a relationship on solid ground. A square between Venus and Uranus on the 25th warns against saying anything in anger to a loved one.


Tension on the home front could occur on the 3rd, when the Full Moon rises. It may be necessary to cut back on household expenses. Extensive repairs will be costly but worthwhile. If you don't own your place, think about moving to a recently constructed home. It will be a relief to live in a place where everything functions properly. On the 4th, the Sun, your ruling planet, will square excessive Jupiter. Beware of overestimating your importance at work. Taking a high-handed attitude could be disastrous. Focus on being a good team player instead. A trine between the Sun and transformative Pluto on the 5th presents an ideal opportunity to ask for a praise, promotion or high-profile job. If you've ever wanted to launch your own business, this would be a great time to try. Working for yourself will allow you to pick and choose your clients, but only after you've established yourself as a highly talented professional. When it comes to work, slow and steady wins the race. The New Moon on the 17th presents an ideal opportunity to sign new business or embark on a different phase of your career. Don't hesitate to acquire cutting-edge skills. This knowledge could give you a decided edge on the competition. The Sun moves into your Friendship Sector on the 21st, paving the way for a stimulating series of parties. Resist the urge to go on a shopping spree on the 31st, when the Sun makes a square to deceptive Neptune.


An opposition between Mercury, your ruling planet, and forbidding Saturn on the 3rd can make you pessimistic. Don't let a negative attitude prevent you from getting ahead at work. Even if career prospects are dim, it would be wise to adopt an upbeat attitude. Being strong in the face of adversity could impress an authority figure and open some new doors for you. Mercury makes a square to deceptive Neptune on the 9th, warning against unrealistic romantic expectations. It may be better to count small blessings than set lofty goals at this time. Pushy Mars opposes cautious Saturn on the 14th, making it a bad time to rush work. Mercury goes retrograde on the 18th, prompting you to revise some career plans. It will be much easier to showcase your talent on the 21st, when the ambitious Sun moves into your Career Sector. Apply for a high-profile position at a successful company. You might have to go on several interviews before getting an answer, but these repeat visits will be worthwhile. Even if you don't land the position in question, you could be offered another at the same company. A square between determined Mars and easygoing Neptune on the 25th warns against pouring all of your energy into work. Your best friend or romantic partner could feel neglected. Arrange a special outing for just the two of you. On the 27th, a conjunction between mental Mercury and impassioned Mars will help you make a compelling public presentation. Let your passion show.


You could receive a payment on the 3rd that is smaller than you expected. The Full Moon may create disappointment on the financial front. Don't make any extravagant purchases until a check has been safely deposited in the bank. It may be wise to wait a day or two to ensure this payment has cleared. On the 7th, Venus, your ruling planet, enters your Career Sector. This is a good time to command the spotlight. Working with the public or making a presentation could result in a raise, promotion or high-paying job. Don't hesitate to put your talent on display. A trine between affectionate Venus and idealistic Neptune on the 16th is ideal for confessing a crush or writing a love letter. Expressions of affection may be well received on this magical day. You could also receive a wonderful job offer at this time. An inheritance, dividend or legal settlement could be awarded to you near the 17th, courtesy of the New Moon. Keep this money safe in an interest-bearing bank account, where it can protect you from financial uncertainty. Venus will oppose oppressive Pluto on the 21st, putting pressure on a romantic relationship. This is not a good time to get drawn into a power struggle. A square between Venus and disruptive Uranus on the 25th could prompt a fight. Take care not to make jokes at your partner's expense at this tense time. The results of a test could make you smile near the 30th, when the empowering Sun makes a conjunction with mental Mercury.


The Full Moon on the 3rd could sap your energy and put your nerves on edge. Be good to yourself and reduce your workload. A spa treatment could lift your spirits. Too much responsibility has been placed on your shoulders. Think about delegating some of these jobs to relatives and colleagues. Your best friend or romantic partner could invite you on a minibreak around the 5th, when the optimistic Sun makes a trine to Pluto, your ruling planet. Getting a change of scenery may give you a new lease on life. You might have to spend money to make money on the 11th, when aggressive Mars moves into your Financial Sector. This might be a good time to upgrade your phone, computer or car. Having reliable equipment is integral to your success. The New Moon on the 17th could open the door to a rewarding relationship. Teaming up with someone who has a great laugh could make you excited about the future. It will be a comfort to have a partner upon whom you can rely. An opposition between vain Venus and oppressive Pluto on the 21st warns against being too wrapped up on your own problems. Take this opportunity to express interest in a loved one's hopes, dreams and fears. A heart-to-heart discussion can draw you closer together. On the 31st, a conjunction between the warm Sun and chatty Mercury could pave the way for a stimulating flirtation. Enjoy this banter but don't take it seriously. The two of you may be better off as friends.


Don't rain on a loved one's parade on the 3rd, when mental Mercury opposes serious Saturn. If your best friend or romantic partner is contemplating a change, offer plenty of encouragement. You may not think their prospects are good, but you might be wrong. On the 4th, the proud Sun will make a square to Jupiter, your ruling planet. Don't pretend to possess skills or experience that you lack. Asking for help may be better than putting on a big act. On the 11th, feisty Mars will enter your Relationship Sector. This could make you very assertive with a business or romantic partner. Stand up for your interests. Be your own advocate or your agenda may be completely ignored. An opposition between pushy Mars and stuffy Saturn on the 14th warns against overdoing it at the gym or on the playing field. Your body may be more delicate than you realize. Mental Mercury goes retrograde on the 18th. People could break promises or cancel appointments on this distressing day. The more flexible you are, the happier you may be. Don't pin all of your hopes on a single plan. A square between Mars and Neptune on the 25thcould create tension at home. Your family may not approve of your romantic choice. You may be forced to issue an ultimatum to a nosy relative on the 31st, when the domineering Sun makes a square to sensitive Neptune. Don't let your kin interfere with your private life.


On the 3rd, mental Mercury will oppose Saturn, your ruling planet. Don't let a negative outlook drive opportunity from your door. If you're faced with opposition from a government agency, stay calm. Patience and persistence could break down a bureaucrat's resistance. Writing a letter to a political official could also turn the tide in your favor. A trine between the affectionate Sun and passionate Pluto on the 5th may pave the way for an intense romantic encounter. Confess a crush or arrange a romantic dinner with your partner. Finding happiness in your personal life can put small problems in the proper perspective. Your love life may get an additional boost when affectionate Venus moves into your Partnership Sector on the 7th. If you're single, you could meet a kind, nurturing person at a concert, museum or movie theater. Are you already in a serious relationship? Do something special for your beloved. Arrange a candlelit dinner or a relaxing beach vacation. The two of you will enjoy getting lost in each other's arms. News of an engagement, marriage or pregnancy could reach your ears on the 17th, when the New Moon sets off a round of celebrations. Your best friend or romantic partner may get an exciting promotion on the 21st. Unfortunately, an opposition between loving Venus and controlling Pluto could cause you to feel threatened. Try putting your fears aside for the sake of your relationship. Beware of making any hasty decisions regarding your love life on the 25th, when vain Venus makes a square to irritable Uranus.


The Full Moon on the 3rd could cause you to reconsider some career choices. You might want to enter a field that offers more personal freedom. Holding a job that doesn't allow much leisure time will dampen your natural enthusiasm for life. The willful Sun will form a square to overconfident Jupiter on the 4th. Don't expect your best friend or romantic partner to support your change of plan. Your loved one may feel threatened by a potential loss of income. Fortunately, you could find an opportunity to work from home on the 5th, when the ambitious Sun makes a trine to therapeutic Pluto. Escaping a traditional office environment could be very healing for you. An attractive newcomer could capture your interest on the 11th, when passionate Mars enters your Romantic Sector. If you want to become a couple, you'll have to play the aggressor. If you're already in a relationship, go above and beyond the call of duty for our partner on this exciting day. The New Moon on the 17th could prompt you to move to a new place. Seek a home that has a beautiful garden or is surrounded by greenery. On the 25th, vain Venus will make a square to Uranus, your ruling planet. Try not to get upset when someone gives you constructive criticism. Treat this feedback as a rare opportunity to fulfill your hidden potential. Practice a skill or learn new methods. An expensive purchase is not favored on the 31st, when the willful Sun squares deceptive Neptune.


An opposition between restless Mercury and cautious Saturn on the 3rd warns against quitting a steady job. It's always easier to find a new position when you already have one. Love, romance and emotional fulfillment could find you on the 7th, when extravagant Venus changes sign. If you're already in a relationship, make an effort to arrange some intimate outings together. It may feel like the two of you have embarked on a second honeymoon. Dynamic Mars enters your Domestic Sector on the 11th, prompting you to make some big changes to your home life. This would be a great time to expand your living space, launch a cleaning project or redecorate a drab room. It's also possible that you will throw a big party. Don't overextend yourself. If you're overwhelmed with planning the menu, choosing the music and assembling decorations, delegate jobs to a trustworthy friend. Affectionate Venus will make a trine to Neptune, your ruling planet, on the 16th. Don't be surprised when someone confesses a crush. The two of you could enjoy a powerful love connection. If you're in a committed relationship, your partner could give you a beautiful token of their affection. A square between pushy Mars and Neptune on the 25th warns against falling for a strong sales pitch. You may be better off doing some price comparisons before buying an expensive appliance or household item. Beware of self-deception on the 31st, when the egotistical Sun makes a square to Neptune. A creative project may need more work than you think.

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