The Astrologer by Kelli Fox

The Astrologer

By Kelli Fox

Today's Horoscope

March 4th, 2015

  • Today you could be easily perturbed. Every interaction you have creates friction. Pull back until you determine who or what is responsible.
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  • What do you truly want? Success is yours, if you act now. You can accomplish almost anything, since you can be so very persuasive.
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  • You're like a mouse worried about the shadow of a hawk overhead: expecting the worst. Carry on like you are calm and cool. Laugh it off.
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  • Everybody is under your watchful eye today. What are they up to? You're right wonder about sudden luck. Honest work makes more sense to you.
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  • Use common sense today, especially when buying something in fashion. Enjoy the fruits of your labor for longer than a few months time.
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  • Be receptive to others' ideas. Unification is your ultimate goal this month. Share your own storehouse of wisdom with other folks today.
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  • Today you feel young and restless. You're open to possibility and ready for adventure. It's a good way to be, even if nothing happens yet.
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  • You've got the eye of an artist. Systems both simple and complex fascinate you now. Your mind is sharp and you can get a lot accomplished.
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  • Why assume your actions are pointless? You have the potential to contribute a lot of good. You'll shake this inferiority complex soon.
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  • Operate with extra shrewdness today. Zoom in on opportunities that promise future success, and grab hold. The rest will take care of itself.
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  • Well, this is amusing. You're lax about the details and fickle about larger commitments. Reassess your priorities today. Get real.
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  • Someone's suffering may pull on your heartstrings, or it may remind you that you don't ever want to be in that position. Help if you can.
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Discover What is Coming and How You Can Prepare

  • Alluring Venus makes a trine with outgoing Jupiter. It's a great time to give romantic gifts or schedule an exciting rendezvous.
    Today's Planets
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  • Clever Mercury makes a sextile to inventive Uranus, causing brilliant breakthroughs. An opposition between Mercury and overconfident Jupiter warns against making inflated promises. Generous Jupiter forms a trine to unusual Uranus, paving the way for unusual travel opportunities. Alluring...
    Weekly Horoscope
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  • March is a month of two halves this year. The first half will be characterized by high energy, enthusiasm and a set of important can-do aspects – this should be an especially exciting time for the fire signs, Aries,...
    Monthly Horoscope
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