The Astrologer by Kelli Fox

The Astrologer

By Kelli Fox

Today's Horoscope

March 28th, 2015

  • The wildlife here seems wild enough but there's a catty undertone here that's probably making you nervous. Choose your friends wisely now.
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  • This is a good day to cut to the chase for a sweet deal. Go ahead. Raise others' hopes and break their rules.
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  • Everyone in your life suddenly seems needy. Try not to get too worked up about it. You should be counting your blessings.
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  • Tap into the mysterious power of ancestral forces whatever your history happens to be. Dig a deep well to help you channel the family myths.
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  • you'll react to unconscious triggers today. Try not to assign too much importance to these feelings and behaviors. They don't mean much.
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  • Anyone who knows you is well aware of your mental energy that will come lashing out when the moment demands it. Prepare yourself.
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  • A friend or enemy could force a decision today. Determine right now whether you intend to control the situation. If you do, go for it.
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  • Can you be both cautious and fearless? Try it out today. They'll love you for your wisdom as well as your courage.
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  • Don't have too many self-indulgent moments of sarcasm or panic. You'll find out that stability will matter more than satisfaction today.
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  • Self-love can be a healthy thing especially if you've been hard on yourself lately. You're in touch with your essence like never before.
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  • The question is how you really want to live. Which role will make the most sense in your long-term strategy?
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  • It's too early for one of your dark moods. The most amazing things can still spring into being. You'll be on fertile ground today.
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Discover What is Coming and How You Can Prepare

  • The yearning Cancer Moon makes a trine to curious Mercury. This is a good time to fill educational gaps. The Moon's square to Mars warns against giving up too easily.
    Today's Planets
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  • A sextile between observant Mercury and insightful Pluto paves the way for in-depth talks and research projects. This is a great time to track down elusive information, do price comparisons and get to the bottom of relationship problems. Artistic...
    Weekly Horoscope
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  • March is a month of two halves this year. The first half will be characterized by high energy, enthusiasm and a set of important can-do aspects – this should be an especially exciting time for the fire signs, Aries,...
    Monthly Horoscope
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