The Astrologer by Kelli Fox

The Astrologer

By Kelli Fox

Today's Horoscope

March 30th, 2015

  • Social activity is a must today. You've got energy to burn. Get out on the town or spice up your life at home. Release your inner child!
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  • You may bite off more than you can chew today. Fortunately, you have strength and stamina. Put your head down and take care of business.
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  • You might wake up feeling enthusiastic, and the day just gets better from there. You can turn even tedious activities into a party.
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  • Spend time with kids today, or access your own inner child. A game of charades might be fun -- you're in the mood to ham it up a little!
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  • Today is your day to shine. You're in command of your own power and brilliance. You can achieve anything, if you proceed with courage!
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  • It's a great day for romance. Even your practical soul needs to indulge in sweetness sometimes! Connect with a friend or someone special.
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  • Today, you shine without trying. It's easy to negotiate peace and keep people laughing. You can use this skill to launch a project, too.
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  • Follow your muse today. Your creative power gives rise to incredible ideas. Work on your own if you can't make room for everyone's vision.
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  • Today you're infused with the romance of life itself. You feel connected with the world around you. Play the role of natural-born charmer.
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  • Your flashy side comes out today. You might boast about your accomplishments or show off a new possession. But let other people shine, too.
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  • Do creative work today, or get together with loved ones. But keep things light and fun, especially if someone seems to be showing off!
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  • Today you feel things in bold relief. Enjoy the company of loved ones, but try to stay grounded. Don't let your emotions carry you away!
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Discover What is Coming and How You Can Prepare

  • Curious Mercury enters courageous Aries. This will be a great time to explore unfamiliar territory. Interesting discoveries can be made under this influence.
    Today's Planets
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  • Flirtatious Venus makes a trine to seductive Pluto, igniting sparks with a love interest. Decisive Mercury slides into bold Aries, causing split-second decisions that move projects forward at warp speed. Determined Mars moves into stable Taurus, making it a...
    Weekly Horoscope
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  • March is a month of two halves this year. The first half will be characterized by high energy, enthusiasm and a set of important can-do aspects – this should be an especially exciting time for the fire signs, Aries,...
    Monthly Horoscope
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