The Astrologer by Kelli Fox

The Astrologer

By Kelli Fox

Today's Horoscope

March 3rd, 2015

  • Your high spirits help you turn any gathering into a party today. Putting people at ease is a real asset, even in professional settings.
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  • At some level, you crave recognition today. In the company of coworkers or strangers, be aware of how you're coming across to others.
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  • It's a great day to play with children. Your own youthful energy is on display. You're just a big kid, yourself! Have fun with this.
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  • It's extra important today to make a warm, affectionate connection with loved ones. You're always ready to appreciate a joke or performance.
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  • Feeling centered and courageous? You should be. A new personal cycle begins for you today. You're energetic and your goals are clear.
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  • It's a good day to let your hair down a little. You spend so much time dealing with rules and procedures. Live it up! Indulge a little!
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  • It's a great day to let your inner child come out to play. Connect with kids or create artwork in a freeform, vibrant and expressive way.
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  • Today could be tough, especially if you find yourself wrapped up in a dramatic situation. Channel your frustration into something creative.
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  • Be creative today. Your imagination is vivid and your energy is high. Others are inspired by your passion, even in informal settings.
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  • Break from your usual routine today and have some fun. Don't let work or other duties destroy your relaxation. Everyone needs downtime.
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  • It's natural to want recognition for your creativity today. Just make sure your performance doesn't come across as arrogance. Stay humble!
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  • Warmth and affection take on extra importance today. Treat yourself with the loving kindness you hope to receive from other people.
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Discover What is Coming and How You Can Prepare

  • Adventurous Jupiter makes a trine to impulsive Uranus. An extraordinary opportunity to travel to an exotic land could occur quite suddenly.
    Today's Planets
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  • Clever Mercury makes a sextile to inventive Uranus, causing brilliant breakthroughs. An opposition between Mercury and overconfident Jupiter warns against making inflated promises. Generous Jupiter forms a trine to unusual Uranus, paving the way for unusual travel opportunities. Alluring...
    Weekly Horoscope
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  • March is a month of two halves this year. The first half will be characterized by high energy, enthusiasm and a set of important can-do aspects – this should be an especially exciting time for the fire signs, Aries,...
    Monthly Horoscope
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