The Astrologer by Kelli Fox

The Astrologer

By Kelli Fox

Today's Horoscope

March 26th, 2015

  • Get ready for an anxious day. Touchy people should withdraw from view instead of lashing out. A counterattack can't solve every problem.
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  • Accommodate others for the next day or two, when giving equals getting. You can afford to be generous when the rewards are so excellent.
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  • You have at least two of everything for the next few days. You're getting used to excess. Kindly say no to those who keep giving you more.
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  • Absorb whatever comes your way. You have the business savvy to use it later if you figure out how. Creativity and intuition run strong now.
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  • Take the traditional approach for now. Following form keeps you at the center of attention for two days. While there, ignore the random.
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  • Your heart is big. It's easy to adapt and cooperate. But even if you spend big bucks in the next few days, you'll keep track of every penny.
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  • Don't call them wimps and losers. What have you done that's so daring and meaningful? Try making some real progress today so you can brag.
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  • Play defense in a sporting way. Be a gracious loser and a benevolent winner. The next two days are all about where you focus your energy.
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  • You have a strange way of handling weighty issues. Irreverence and misdirection might not work for a few days. Have a backup, just in case.
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  • Let brief flashes of affection shine through. For the next two days, others need to know that you're human, too. Don't disappoint them now.
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  • Others see you as a weird influence or suspicious character. Is their comfort level your business? For the next two days maybe it should be.
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  • You're determined but friendly. Why make a pest of yourself today? Don't be the bad guy. It's time for gentle persistence and a soft touch.
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Discover What is Coming and How You Can Prepare

  • The scattered Gemini Moon makes a square to restless Mercury. Resist the urge to make hasty decisions or go on sudden trips.
    Today's Planets
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  • A sextile between observant Mercury and insightful Pluto paves the way for in-depth talks and research projects. This is a great time to track down elusive information, do price comparisons and get to the bottom of relationship problems. Artistic...
    Weekly Horoscope
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  • March is a month of two halves this year. The first half will be characterized by high energy, enthusiasm and a set of important can-do aspects – this should be an especially exciting time for the fire signs, Aries,...
    Monthly Horoscope
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