Cancer Daily Horoscope

September 29th, 2016

You may not be the boldest, most talkative or gregarious person today. Still, your best qualities are shining through -- your honesty, your loyalty and your dedication to the people and causes that matter to you. No matter what you have on your plate now, you'll handle it with ease. Business associates are impressed with your grounded energy, and your family feels comforted by your warmth.

Intensity: 59%

Mood: likable

Keywords: aware, fault finding


September 30th, 2016

Anxiety permeates your mind today. Maybe you're stressed at work or at home, or in denial about some changes you really need to make. Either way, it's time to shape up. Challenges should push you to stand up and fight back, not retreat in defeat. On the other hand, don't be too hard on yourself if it takes you some time to work up the courage. You'll make those changes when you're ready.

Intensity: 84%

Mood: crushed

Keywords: equivocal, halting


October 1st, 2016

Uncertainty has set in, which leads to hesitation. You're just not sure what to do or think, and this could bring on full-blown inertia. You can circumvent that, however, by staying active. Visit the gym or go for a long walk to work off that nervous energy. Spend some with time your people, and remind yourself that your life is blessed and bad moods pass quickly. Take these few simple measures, and you'll keep everyone happy, including yourself.

Intensity: 84%

Mood: peculiar

Keywords: borderline, undetermined


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Astrology can reveal fascinating insights into how you and that special someone match up in a romantic relationship. Do you get along like two peas in a pod, or do you go at it like Siamese fighting fish?

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