Cancer Daily Horoscope

July 26th, 2016

Emotional stability is yours today. You've always had a great deal of inner strength, but now you're aware of how strong you are. Knowing you can rely on this resilience makes you feel even more solid. For your friends and loved ones, you're a rock-solid source of comfort and support. Extend this love to them in tangible ways: a hug, for example, or a delicious, filling meal.

Intensity: 59%

Mood: humble

Keywords: strong, tenacity


July 27th, 2016

If you have any long-term financial goals, it's a great day to work toward them. And if you don't, it's a great day for getting those plans in place! You have a solid sense of wise investment strategies under the current influence. The same goes for savings plans. You know that stability in this area of your life can contribute to other kinds of stability, not the least of which is emotional.

Intensity: 59%

Mood: soaring

Keywords: stickling, stouthearted


July 28th, 2016

You're in the mood for a change today. Even minor deviations from your routine are good, such as a new restaurant for lunch or an impromptu outing with a friend. The important thing is to stimulate your mind and give yourself a sense of novelty. The current energy is like a fresh breeze blowing through your life, but if you don't allow it to work its magic, you'll end up feeling restless.

Intensity: 55%

Mood: handsome

Keywords: talkative, androgynous


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