Don’t Worry, Be Happy, Gemini!

Kelli Fox

For many people, the idea of happiness conjures images of a gorgeous beach vacation, an exciting love affair, or the simple enjoyment of family and friends. But lasting happiness — a deep sense of sustained satisfaction and fulfillment — is complicated, based on far more than momentary pleasures or even strong relationships. It is achieved through meaningful work and connections, but also through overcoming obstacles and meeting life’s many challenges — learning self-discipline or -respect, for example, or developing greater compassion for others. Each sign of the Zodiac has a unique prescription for finding lasting happiness, based on that sign’s distinctive traits, both positive and challenging. Read on to learn about your sign’s recipe for genuine fulfillment.

For the sign of the Twins, variety is truly the spice of life. In some ways, all you need to achieve lasting happiness is the head on your shoulders — your own mind often provides all the humor, intriguing ideas and running in-your-head commentary needed to keep life interesting. But while you’re a pro at staying entertained in almost any situation, you can have a hard time with decision-making and follow-through, and all too often, it may feel as if you’re just spinning your wheels. A good friend or partner can help by sharing both ideas and efforts. If they provide a grounding influence and a solid sense of direction, so much the better.

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