Don’t Worry, Be Happy, Capricorn!

Kelli Fox

For many people, the idea of happiness conjures images of a gorgeous beach vacation, an exciting love affair, or the simple enjoyment of family and friends. But lasting happiness — a deep sense of sustained satisfaction and fulfillment — is complicated, based on far more than momentary pleasures or even strong relationships. It is achieved through meaningful work and connections, but also through overcoming obstacles and meeting life’s many challenges — learning self-discipline or -respect, for example, or developing greater compassion for others. Each sign of the Zodiac has a unique prescription for finding lasting happiness, based on that sign’s distinctive traits, both positive and challenging. Read on to learn about your sign’s recipe for genuine fulfillment.

Happiness may seem a frivolous pursuit to the hardworking Goat. You’re focused on achievement; as soon as you reach a goal, you set a new one. But all work and no play truly makes life dull. Therefore, lasting happiness for you involves lightening up a bit. Don’t be so hard on yourself; strive instead to take pride in your many accomplishments and positive qualities. If you make a mistake, trust that you’ll succeed next time. Above all, make time for fun and relaxation. Seek solid relationships with people you trust, who can help you relax and enjoy yourself from time to time. After all, not everything has to have an end goal.

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