A Spring Cleaning Guide for Sagittarius

Kelli Fox

It’s spring! The air is warmer, tiny buds are beginning to unfurl on bare tree branches, green shoots are poking up through the cold earth, and the world is filled with a fresh sense of renewal. It’s no wonder that, as the landscape changes around us, becoming more vibrant, lush and beautiful after the monochromatic tones of winter, we’re filled with a corresponding urge to update our living spaces. Spring cleaning is universal: It’s all about clearing the clutter from our homes and doing a top-to-bottom deep-clean, scouring all the nooks and crannies we’ve overlooked all winter long. And there is a definite link between our physical surroundings and our inner emotions; setting our homes to rights makes us feel more focused, confident and optimistic. But the actual process of cleaning is far more individual, based on the particulars of your Sun sign. What’s your cleaning style? How can you maximize your natural strengths from the Zodiac and avoid the pitfalls common to your sign? Read on to find out.

For free-spirited Sagittarius, the idea of spring cleaning is about as fun as being cooped up indoors on a beautiful, sunny day — in other words, no fun at all! If you want to accomplish your spring cleaning in a timely and thorough manner, you’ll have to focus on the big picture. In this case, the light at the end of the tunnel is the fresh, airy home you’ll be able to enjoy once you’ve tackled the job head-on. As spontaneous as you are, you might shudder at the idea of setting aside a particular day to do your cleaning, but if you don’t put it on the calendar, you’ll find all kinds of excuses to keep putting it off — and you know how it is with tasks that are out of sight going right out of mind. So go against your own nature by scheduling your spring cleaning, and remind yourself to keep things in perspective: One solid afternoon of hard work should take care of the bulk of the job, and then you’re good to go for another season.

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