A Spring Cleaning Guide for Leo

Kelli Fox

It’s spring! The air is warmer, tiny buds are beginning to unfurl on bare tree branches, green shoots are poking up through the cold earth, and the world is filled with a fresh sense of renewal. It’s no wonder that, as the landscape changes around us, becoming more vibrant, lush and beautiful after the monochromatic tones of winter, we’re filled with a corresponding urge to update our living spaces. Spring cleaning is universal: It’s all about clearing the clutter from our homes and doing a top-to-bottom deep-clean, scouring all the nooks and crannies we’ve overlooked all winter long. And there is a definite link between our physical surroundings and our inner emotions; setting our homes to rights makes us feel more focused, confident and optimistic. But the actual process of cleaning is far more individual, based on the particulars of your Sun sign. What’s your cleaning style? How can you maximize your natural strengths from the Zodiac and avoid the pitfalls common to your sign? Read on to find out.

With Leo’s natural sense of style, you feel your best when your home is a stylish, bright and welcoming space where your many friends and family members can gather. Thus, spring cleaning for you is nothing less than a necessary act of renewal. Fortunately, you’re blessed with both high energy and excellent follow-through; once you commit to the task of cleaning every room from top to bottom, you’ll carry it through to the end, when your home has been restored to its sparkling, stylish and gorgeous best. Since you’re both social and a magnetic leader, invite others — roommates, family members or good friends — to help you get the job done. You’ve probably noticed that people don’t seem to mind doing your bidding, and this should hold true even with something as tedious as spring cleaning.

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