A Spring Cleaning Guide for Aquarius

Kelli Fox

It’s spring! The air is warmer, tiny buds are beginning to unfurl on bare tree branches, green shoots are poking up through the cold earth, and the world is filled with a fresh sense of renewal. It’s no wonder that, as the landscape changes around us, becoming more vibrant, lush and beautiful after the monochromatic tones of winter, we’re filled with a corresponding urge to update our living spaces. Spring cleaning is universal: It’s all about clearing the clutter from our homes and doing a top-to-bottom deep-clean, scouring all the nooks and crannies we’ve overlooked all winter long. And there is a definite link between our physical surroundings and our inner emotions; setting our homes to rights makes us feel more focused, confident and optimistic. But the actual process of cleaning is far more individual, based on the particulars of your Sun sign. What’s your cleaning style? How can you maximize your natural strengths from the Zodiac and avoid the pitfalls common to your sign? Read on to find out.

While Aquarius is a free and independent spirit, you’re also able to follow through on any tasks you deem worthy of undertaking; once you get going on a project, you’ll carry it through until it’s complete. Thus, you’re able to tackle spring cleaning without much drama, stress or stalling — but why not make it fun for yourself? Try downloading an app to help you stay organized about specific projects you want to tackle around the house and yard, or upgrade your vacuum cleaner or steam mop so you have the most efficient, state-of-the-art equipment on your side. Since you’re a humanitarian and an environmentalist at heart, create space by donating old clothes and unused household items to charity, and be sure to use all-natural cleaning products that are free of harsh chemicals and additives. You’re also quite social, so why not turn your spring-cleaning session into a fun social event? Invite friends, family members or housemates to join you, play some music, serve refreshments, and make it a party.

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