New Year’s Resolutions for Leo

Kelli Fox

The time has come once again to reflect on the year that is passing and look forward to the one ahead. The practice of making resolutions for the New Year has its roots in ancient Babylon and Rome, where people made promises to their gods and reaffirmed their commitment to their chosen paths. Just as it did thousands of years ago, the approach of January 1 stirs an urge within us to make this a better, happier, more fulfilling year than the last one. It’s the promise of a fresh start, a blank slate.

The only question is, what should your New Year’s resolutions be — and how can you make them stick this time? If you’re uncertain about what to set as your intention for the New Year, or tired of making resolutions that just don’t pan out, look no further than your Sun sign for guidance. This wealth of information can steer you in the right direction when it comes to making an internal commitment to progress. Read on to find out all about your own, best New Year’s resolutions.

Stylish, dramatic Leo — you’re used to being in the spotlight; people just can’t help but take notice of your sunny, passionate nature. This year, make a resolution to step aside and let others shine, in whatever way that makes sense in your life. This might mean committing small, daily acts, such as going out of your way to let your employer know when a coworker has done a great job, or making your friends feel extra special by telling them exactly what you love about them and why. You might also resolve to do something on a larger scale, such as channeling your passion toward an entirely selfless goal, without any expectation of recognition or compensation. You could join a volunteer organization, become a mentor to a child, or sponsor a struggling artist or musician. Donating your time and efforts to others will make you feel great; it will increase your inner sense of wellbeing along with your confidence that you’re making a positive impact on the world.

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