Finding Your Inner Balance: Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Wellbeing for Gemini

Kelli Fox

Wellbeing is so all-encompassing that it is somewhat difficult to define. It involves happiness and contentment, but it’s far more than just that; it is holistic health — wellness on emotional, physical, social and spiritual levels. Therefore, creating a state of wellbeing in our own lives is about promoting balance, wholeness and purity within our bodies, hearts and minds. And when any one of these is out of balance, our entire system is affected: For example, when our bodies are weighed down with too many rich, fatty or processed foods, we feel the effects in dipping energy levels, disrupted sleep patterns and various physical complaints. When our hearts are weighed down with too much sadness or stress, we feel the effects in similar ways, including physical illnesses, low energy and depression. And when our minds are weighed down with too many negative or pessimistic thoughts, we can see the effects manifest in our relationships and daily lives, in the form of arguments and irritation or one failure after another. Clearly, creating a state of wellbeing is a tricky process, but it helps to know that each Astrological sign has unique health needs, based on Element (whether yours is a Fire, Earth, Air or Water sign) along with the body part your sign rules. Read on to learn more about promoting your own wellbeing based on your Sun sign.

Since Air signs are the intellectual signs of the Zodiac, it’s no wonder that they tend to have quick-moving, high-flying thoughts and ideas, or that interacting with others is one of their primary pleasures and motivators in life. But when your thoughts become too frenetic, it’s time to ground yourself with an activity that will focus your mind. For most Air signs, this means reconnecting with your body through intense, challenging physical exercise, such as running, martial arts or strength training. Dancing, skiing and other exercises that create a lot of movement are also wonderful for Air signs. Sharing sexual intimacy with your partner is another good way for Air signs to get out of their heads and into their bodies. Speaking of connecting with others, having a workout buddy can keep Air signs on track with exercise; after all, running on the treadmill is so much less boring when you can chat with a friend.

Diet is also an important facet of wellbeing. Air signs can benefit from “brain foods” such as salmon and other fish, flax seeds, supplements such as ginkgo biloba, and other foods that boost the memory and thought processes. You should also be sure to get plenty of yogurt and other calming foods in your diet, to help keep your body in excellent shape while quieting your mind. It’s a good idea for Air signs to avoid overly heavy, greasy or rich foods that can weigh down both the body and the mind, and to eat smaller, more frequent and varied meals instead of fewer, larger ones.

Emotional wellbeing is intricately entwined with the more physical and spiritual aspects of holistic health. If you, like many Air signs, are prone to a restless mind, try meditation, yoga, Tai Chi or other martial arts, or any other activity that helps you focus and quiet your flyaway thoughts. Engaging in a hobby you enjoy, such as gardening, fishing or knitting, can also help you develop mental focus. Air signs also tend to intellectualize their emotions rather than simply feeling them; meditation and counseling are two ways to learn to feel and process emotions in a healthier way.

Each Zodiac sign rules certain body parts, and thus may be prone to accompanying illnesses related to these parts. Since Gemini rules the lungs, be sure to avoid smoking and incorporate regular cardio workouts into your schedule. Singing also gives your lungs a workout while helping to keep your thoughts and emotions on an even keel. Gemini also rules the arms and hands, which have a lot to do with communication (gesturing, typing, touching...); keep yours strong with strength-training exercises, and keep them soft and beautiful by using lotion and keeping your nails clean and neatly filed. Libra rules the skin and kidneys, so detoxing is important for this sign. One simple detox method is to start every morning with a glass of water with lemon juice; drinking plenty of filtered water in general is helpful in keeping your system flushed. Finally, Aquarius rules the calves and ankles, so walking is a particularly good strengthening exercise for you.

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