Finding Your Inner Balance: Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Wellbeing for Capricorn

Kelli Fox

Wellbeing is so all-encompassing that it is somewhat difficult to define. It involves happiness and contentment, but it’s far more than just that; it is holistic health — wellness on emotional, physical, social and spiritual levels. Therefore, creating a state of wellbeing in our own lives is about promoting balance, wholeness and purity within our bodies, hearts and minds. And when any one of these is out of balance, our entire system is affected: For example, when our bodies are weighed down with too many rich, fatty or processed foods, we feel the effects in dipping energy levels, disrupted sleep patterns and various physical complaints. When our hearts are weighed down with too much sadness or stress, we feel the effects in similar ways, including physical illnesses, low energy and depression. And when our minds are weighed down with too many negative or pessimistic thoughts, we can see the effects manifest in our relationships and daily lives, in the form of arguments and irritation or one failure after another. Clearly, creating a state of wellbeing is a tricky process, but it helps to know that each Astrological sign has unique health needs, based on Element (whether yours is a Fire, Earth, Air or Water sign) along with the body part your sign rules. Read on to learn more about promoting your own wellbeing based on your Sun sign.

Earth signs are known for their grounded patience and their steady, enduring natures. If you’re an Earth sign, you’re likely to be able to push through an illness or injury — even when you really shouldn’t. Sticking to a regular routine is especially important for Earth signs; be sure to get regular sleep and exercise, and eat at regular intervals throughout the day. Capricorns, especially, can ignore their body’s need for routine due to their typically busy, packed schedules, but all three Earth signs thrive on following a fixed schedule when it comes to diet, exercise and sleep. Be sure to emphasize stretching and flexibility in your workouts, since Earth signs are prone to stiff muscles and joints.

Diet is also an important facet of wellbeing. Taurus, especially, is prone to overeating and not getting enough exercise, but these can be issues for Virgos and Capricorns as well. Since these signs can have slower metabolisms than other signs, it is especially important for Earth signs to eat moderately; focus on smaller portion sizes, incorporating vegetables and grains along with “good fats” such as olive oil and avocados in the diet, and opting for whole, healthful ingredients rather than processed foods that come out of a box or package. Earth signs should consume plenty of broth-based soups, steamed vegetables, and dark leafy greens in order to keep their systems functioning optimally.

Emotional wellbeing is intricately entwined with the more physical and spiritual aspects of holistic health. If you, like many Earth signs, are prone to stubbornness or resistance to change, make it a daily practice to take deep breaths and release them in a slow and conscious way. This mirrors the release of tension and obstinacy that Earth signs should strive for, in order to stay as open as possible to new perspectives, structures and experiences. A regular stretching routine or daily yoga practice can also help you maintain a flexible body and outlook.

Each Zodiac sign rules certain body parts, and thus may be prone to accompanying illnesses related to these parts. Since Taurus rules the neck and throat, protect yourself from related illnesses by wearing scarves in cooler weather, regularly sipping warm tea (adding lemon juice and honey to treat a sore throat or laryngitis), and using an ice pack on your neck if you’re prone to tension headaches. Virgo rules the digestive and nervous systems, so be sure to include probiotics in your diet, such as yogurt or fermented foods like miso soup or kombucha, to keep your digestion working well. Also be sure to avoid heavy, greasy foods, or any foods that upset your system; and most of all, make an effort to relax through deep breathing, meditation and connecting with supportive friends. Capricorn rules the knees, joints, teeth and bones; this sign should keep yours strong by including plenty of dark, leafy greens, sesame seeds and other sources of calcium in your diet, going for regular dental checkups, and including weight-bearing exercises in your regular workouts, such as walking or running.

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