Finding Your Inner Balance: Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Wellbeing for Aries

Kelli Fox

Wellbeing is so all-encompassing that it is somewhat difficult to define. It involves happiness and contentment, but it’s far more than just that; it is holistic health — wellness on emotional, physical, social and spiritual levels. Therefore, creating a state of wellbeing in our own lives is about promoting balance, wholeness and purity within our bodies, hearts and minds. And when any one of these is out of balance, our entire system is affected: For example, when our bodies are weighed down with too many rich, fatty or processed foods, we feel the effects in dipping energy levels, disrupted sleep patterns and various physical complaints. When our hearts are weighed down with too much sadness or stress, we feel the effects in similar ways, including physical illnesses, low energy and depression. And when our minds are weighed down with too many negative or pessimistic thoughts, we can see the effects manifest in our relationships and daily lives, in the form of arguments and irritation or one failure after another. Clearly, creating a state of wellbeing is a tricky process, but it helps to know that each Astrological sign has unique health needs, based on Element (whether yours is a Fire, Earth, Air or Water sign) along with the body part your sign rules. Read on to learn more about promoting your own wellbeing based on your Sun sign.

Since the Fire signs have so much wonderful energy and vitality, you may have an easier time than other signs at fighting off illness — you simply burn many ailments out of your system at a remarkably fast pace. It’s also easy for you to become burned out, however, or to tend toward impatience or anger. To help temper your inner fire, it’s a good idea to incorporate calming activities such as yoga or meditation into your routine. Sagittarius is generally open to practices such as these, due to their mind-expanding benefits, but Aries, especially, may have a hard time being patient enough for such focused, slow-moving activities. If actual meditation isn’t your cup of tea, try meditative activities such as running, swimming laps, cycling, gardening, or any activity that lets you slip into a state of calm focus.

Diet is also an important facet of wellbeing. Fire signs should balance your inner fire with cooling foods, such as cucumbers, yogurt and herbal tea. Drinking plenty of water every day also helps to quench that inner sizzle before it flares out of control. If you’re feeling your inner fire starting to fizzle out — if your energy is low or you’re having trouble fighting off a cold or other illness — stoke that flame with stimulating spices such as ginger, cinnamon and garlic. Whether your energy is high or low, be sure to get plenty of brain-strengthening, heart-healthy Omega-3s in your diet through fish or flax seed oil.

Emotional wellbeing is intricately entwined with the more physical and spiritual aspects of holistic health. If you, like many Fire signs, have a temper or are prone to irritation, make it a daily practice to take deep, calming breaths when you feel annoyance rising, and strive to treat others with kindness and compassion — even when you don’t believe they entirely deserve it!

Each Zodiac sign rules certain body parts, and thus may be prone to accompanying illnesses related to these parts. Since Aries rules the head, watch out for headaches, especially those related to tension and stress. If you’re prone to these, relaxation techniques can be quite helpful, as can placing an ice pack on the back of the neck. Leo rules the heart, so this sign should keep yours strong with regular cardio exercise and a healthy diet that includes plenty of vegetables and grains. Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs, along with the liver, so this sign should avoid excess alcohol and other toxins, and should also incorporate strengthening leg exercises like lunges, squats and jumps into your workouts.

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