Healing Birthstones for Pisces

Kelli Fox

People have valued gemstones for their healing properties for centuries. Crystals, especially those of the quartz variety, are in widespread use today for treating everything from physical to emotional to spiritual issues. But precious and semiprecious stones also have beneficial qualities. When used with care and respect, these mineral beauties can enhance our health, our relationships and our wellbeing.

Most people are familiar with the gemstone associated with their birth month, but certain stones are also associated with the Signs of the Zodiac. Read about your Zodiac Sign and its corresponding gemstone, and read on to learn about the healing properties of your personal astrological gemstone healer.

Amethyst: Amethyst assists with anxiety, depression and understanding life’s most profound transformations, including death and the grief associated with loss. Deep, sensitive Pisces will benefit from this stone’s assistance in cleansing and detoxifying the mind and body. Amethyst is also helpful when dealing with any type of addiction. This stone relaxes the mind, alleviates headaches and generally strengthens the immune system. Imaginative Pisces tends to have an active dream life; use amethyst to help you remember and interpret your dreams, prevent nightmares and calm your mind before bedtime. When you’re feeling sad, angry, tense or overwhelmed, turn to amethyst to increase your positive thinking and overall sense of harmony. This stone also enhances your intuition and helps build a link to your higher self. When meditating, use amethyst to help you think in a deep and focused manner.

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