Fitness and Weight Loss Tips for Virgo

Kelli Fox

Whether it’s the first of January and you’re making New Year’s resolutions, it’s springtime and you want to get ready for swimsuit season, or you’re simply realizing that the time has come to gain control of your fitness and overall wellbeing, now is the perfect time for launching a brand-new health regimen. But anyone who has tried to lose weight, get fit or otherwise improve their health knows that willpower alone won’t cut it. The straightest, quickest path to success includes information — specifically, the knowledge and insight you can gain from studying your Zodiac sign. Based on your sign, you possess unique strengths to harness and challenges to avoid as you start your journey toward a new, healthier and better you. Read on to find out all about how to use the wisdom of astrology to get and stay fit and healthy.

Most Virgos feel much better when following a healthy lifestyle. You tend toward anxiety and stress, but both conditions can be managed by eating well and exercising regularly. You’ve probably noticed that once these elements spin out of control, so do other areas of your life — which is no fun at all. Therefore, moving your body and following a healthy diet should be lifelong habits that are easy to work into your day. For Virgo, this means staying organized: scheduling workouts and trips to the grocery store — meaning, actually recording them in your calendar, and setting reminders so you’ll follow through — and keeping a list of go-to meals and snacks to stave off hunger and junk food cravings. Enrolling in gym classes or signing up for a race is a good idea, both for the accountability and social aspect as well as for the financial motivation; frugal Virgo can’t stand wasting money by paying for something you don’t end up doing. Finally, capitalize on the fact that you thrive on routine by mapping out a plan and then sticking to it, week in and week out. That’s Virgo’s key to wellness success.

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