How You Can Find Lasting Happiness, Virgo

Kelli Fox

On the surface, most of us can probably agree on what makes people happy: taking a great trip, for example, enjoying a warm, sunny day, or seeing a hilarious movie with friends. But each of these is more about momentary enjoyment than true happiness — that deep-rooted sense of contentment and fulfillment that is sustained over time. Inner happiness is based on more than just short-lived pleasures; it even depends on more than strong and satisfying relationships. True happiness comes in part from meaningful connections and work, but it is also enhanced when we meet the challenges that life throws our way — learning how to relax or how to love ourselves, for example, or working through personal tragedy toward finding joy.

It’s a tough job, being such a detail-oriented, exacting sign as Virgo; it’s no wonder, then, that this sign can tend toward anxiety along with self-critical and compulsive behavior, all of which stand as serious roadblocks to lasting happiness. The fact that you take your time in building deep, strong connections with others works in your favor; once you commit to a particular relationship, a stable foundation of trust has already been established. But fulfilling personal relationships may not be enough to counteract that deep-rooted sense of worry that preoccupies so many Virgos’ minds. Loosening the reins of control, developing a sense of self-acceptance and pride in yourself exactly as you are — these are the changes that may take you years to achieve. But knowing Virgo’s constant striving for improvement, you’ll make it happen, and once you do, you’ll know the contentment of deep, enduring happiness.

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