How You Can Find Lasting Happiness, Aquarius

Kelli Fox

On the surface, most of us can probably agree on what makes people happy: taking a great trip, for example, enjoying a warm, sunny day, or seeing a hilarious movie with friends. But each of these is more about momentary enjoyment than true happiness — that deep-rooted sense of contentment and fulfillment that is sustained over time. Inner happiness is based on more than just short-lived pleasures; it even depends on more than strong and satisfying relationships. True happiness comes in part from meaningful connections and work, but it is also enhanced when we meet the challenges that life throws our way — learning how to relax or how to love ourselves, for example, or working through personal tragedy toward finding joy.

Lasting happiness for Aquarius stems first from the freedom to be truly, uniquely yourself, and second from making a positive impact on the world around you. Friends and family members who encourage you to express your one-of-a-kind brilliance feed your inner contentment almost as much as giving voice to that strong urge to make a difference. Just don’t forget to nurture your personal relationships as you become more and more involved in your important work. The people who love you give you a great deal of space and support, and it can be easy to take them for granted. But working against your urge for lots of solitary time actually makes you happier in the long run. It reconnects you with the physical, living world, along with the emotional plane of existence — two things you often forget about when you’re dialed into the intellectual plane.

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