A Diet and Fitness Guide for Taurus

Kelli Fox

Whether you’re setting a resolution for the new year or simply realizing that it’s time to take charge of your health, there is no time like the present to launch a new and improved diet and fitness regimen. But mere willpower isn’t enough. Some say a failure to plan is tantamount to planning to fail — but you won’t make that mistake. Set yourself up for success by gathering the information you need before you embark on your journey toward wellness. What’s one great place to begin? With the Zodiac — specifically, your own Sun sign. Read on to gain insight into your astrological strengths to harness, pitfalls for your sign to avoid, and the very best ways to get your health on track.

Hardworking, dedicated, sensual Taurus has excellent physical and mental endurance, but you also tend toward self-indulgence. Your path toward wellness is all about getting that body moving and finding healthful meals that don’t skimp on flavor. Endurance sports, such as running or swimming, are right up your alley. Since speed isn’t exactly your thing, you may never win a 5K race, but you have it in you to complete a marathon — you’re a champ at putting one foot in front of the other until you reach the finish line. You might also enjoy Spinning classes, where you can enjoy a group dynamic while cycling as fast (or slow) as you please. As for diet, your love of rich, sweet, creamy indulgences can be your downfall; seek out recipes that incorporate spices and other low-calorie, dynamic flavors to engage your tastebuds. And don’t be afraid to reward yourself with the occasional treat that also has health benefits, such as a square of dark chocolate or a half-glass of red wine.

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