Find Your Center: Well Being for Gemini

Kelli Fox

Well Being is far more than just physical health; it involves feeling centered and strong on emotional and spiritual levels as well. You may have noticed that feeling physically unhealthy or even just low-energy can throw off the balance of your entire system, and the same is true of emotional depression and spiritual disconnectedness. Thus, achieving a state of wellbeing depends on feeling balanced in all areas of our lives. Fortunately, the Zodiac holds keys to creating that harmoniously centered sense of stability. Based on your Sun sign’s Element along with certain other specifics of your sign, you can learn vital ways of promoting a greater and more integrated sense of thriving in body, mind and soul.

The Air Signs

As the Zodiac’s intellectual signs, Air signs live in their heads. Their thoughts move quickly, and connecting with other people, and especially with other brilliant minds, is a great source of pleasure and motivation for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Of course, when your mind starts to race or your thinking becomes cloudy or disjointed, focus and grounding are needed. To achieve this important effect, you must get out of your head and into your body, which usually means engaging in challenging physical exercise. Strength training, running, dancing, martial arts and skiing are all perfect choices for Air Signs, especially if you do these with a friend or workout buddy, so you can talk while you keep each other focused. Making love is also a very effective way to reconnect not just with your partner, but with your physical self.

Holistic health cannot be achieved without paying due attention to emotional wellbeing. Centering activities like yoga, gardening, fishing and knitting can help ease restless thinking and restore your mind to a state of calm and clarity. Counseling and meditation can also help you embrace your emotional nature, which is especially important for Air signs, since these signs often intellectualize their feelings.

Another important aspect of wellbeing is diet. Brain-boosting foods like nuts, fish and flax seeds, along with ginkgo biloba and other supplements, will help keep your thinking and memory in fine form. Yogurt, cucumbers and other calming foods are also helpful in quieting the mind and keeping the body in great shape. Air signs should steer clear of greasy, heavy and rich foods, all of which weigh down the mind as well as the body. It’s also a smart choice to eat smaller portions more frequently rather than fewer, larger meals.

Each Zodiac sign is associated with certain body parts, and should be aware of the potential for related illness. Gemini is associated with the lungs, making regular cardiovascular exercise important for your health. Steer clear of smoking and anything else that might harm your lungs; singing, on the other hand, is wonderful for promoting healthy lungs as well as even-keeled thoughts and feelings. Gemini also is associated with the hands and arms, so pamper yours with weight-training exercises as well as daily lotion use and nail care. Libra is associated with the skin and kidneys, so it’s especially important for you to detox by regularly drinking water, especially with lemon juice, to keep your system flushed, and to use sunscreen daily. Finally, Aquarius is associated with the calves and ankles; regular walking will help keep these areas strong.

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