How You Can Avoid Colds and Flu, Sagittarius

Kelli Fox

Winter is such a beautiful season, but for many of us it’s often marred by sniffles, head colds, sore throats or full blow flu. With over 200 known common cold viruses, nobody can be completely sure of not catching a cold, but there are certain things each sign can do to help minimize the risk – and to feel better faster if you do find yourself ill.

Since you love the outdoors so much, you’re frequently wet and muddy during the winter. This won’t make you catch a cold, of course, but if you’re already harboring a cold virus, it will make the effects worse and you may take longer to recover. The solution is not to give up your active lifestyle – far from it – but to take sensible precautions and to warm up as soon as you can. Don’t be a hero – if you start to feel unwell, don’t just ignore it, but take care of yourself. Try taking zinc supplements to help keep a cold at bay – if you do succumb, there’s some evidence that zinc lozenges can help to shorten the misery and speed recovery too.

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