How You Can Avoid Colds and Flu, Leo

Kelli Fox

Winter is such a beautiful season, but for many of us it’s often marred by sniffles, head colds, sore throats or full blow flu. With over 200 known common cold viruses, nobody can be completely sure of not catching a cold, but there are certain things each sign can do to help minimize the risk – and to feel better faster if you do find yourself ill.

Your warm and sunny personality is obvious to all who know you – what’s less obvious, perhaps, is that warmth can be the key to avoiding colds and flu too. Of course it’s not true that being cold makes you catch a cold, but it is true that shivering compromises our immune systems, and that disrupted levels of melatonin and serotonin, caused by the lack of sunlight, play their part too in making us more susceptible to infection. You’re the sign most likely to suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, which also increases the risk of colds and flu. Wrap up warm to keep yourself as healthy as possible, but try to avoid overheated rooms and overcrowded places where germs spread more easily.

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