How You Can Avoid Colds and Flu, Cancer

Kelli Fox

Winter is such a beautiful season, but for many of us it’s often marred by sniffles, head colds, sore throats or full blow flu. With over 200 known common cold viruses, nobody can be completely sure of not catching a cold, but there are certain things each sign can do to help minimize the risk – and to feel better faster if you do find yourself ill.

As a Cancer, you worry a lot about your health – let’s face it, you worry a lot about almost everything. Ironically, it’s your stress levels which put you most at risk of catching a cold or flu. Because you’re constantly run down and under emotional strain, your body rarely gets a chance to be as healthy as it can be. Moods affect our ability to fight infections, so if you’re feeling down you’re more likely to be hit and will find it harder to shake off a cold once you have one too. A major change you can make to help avoid colds and flu winter is to try meditation to help calm your mind – and do more of what makes you happy.

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