Astrology and Hobbies: Find a New Pastime, Sagittarius

Kelli Fox

We have inside of us natural talents, ambitions and characteristics and we tend to gravitate towards hobbies or activities directed by our astrological sign. Find out more about what's a good fit for your sign.

Sagittarius with its boundless energy is ready for almost any activity, they like them all. As a Mutable Air sign ruled by Jupiter, a Sagittarius has a riverboat gamblers luck which they see as a skill. Skydiving or scuba diving, it’s hard to find a challenge they won’t accept, except perhaps, doing it all over again next week. Travel beckons to them, as do solo sports, which they can play when they feel like it. Golf, tennis or paintball so be very aware when a Sagittarius asks, “Hey, you want to try something new?” Brad Pitt, Tyra Banks, Taylor Swift and Bruce Lee were all Sagittarians so be aware.

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