Astrology and Hobbies: Find a New Pastime, Capricorn

Kelli Fox
Astrology and Hobbies: Find a New Pastime, Capricorn

We have inside of us natural talents, ambitions and characteristics and we tend to gravitate towards hobbies or activities directed by our astrological sign. Find out more about what's a good fit for your sign.

Capricorn’s are natural-born tunnel builders. Capricorn’s are very independent, always looking for a better way. They’re disciplined and self-directed, Capricorn’s play to win through hard work and planning. They like games involving control, like cards or shooting pool. Their powers of observation should make them good gamblers, but their reticent nature to bet it all, sometimes costs them. Which is why a Capricorn doesn’t bluff, if they push their chips into the center of the table, they’ve got the cards to back it up. Orlando Bloom, Jim Carrey and Dolly Parton are all Capricorns.

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