Weekly Horoscope (Week of Jun14)

Kelli Fox

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There’s an adventurous vibe to this week, with a breezy and optimistic Sagittarius Full Moon and the Northern Hemisphere’s Summer Solstice, when the Sun shifts into Cancer. A tricky Mars-Pluto opposition does suggest a battle of wills, but humor and goodwill can defuse most tensions.

Events are centered around your home and family life, with the Solar Eclipse potentially creating a mini drama. Stay true to your roots in how you choose to react – because it is a choice, and you have a range of options.


Something you see or encounter in your immediate neighborhood is very meaningful this week, with the Solar Eclipse encouraging you to remember that you’re part of a community. Make new connections with those who live nearby.


Don’t panic if you face a financial crisis of some kind. The Eclipse may be unsettling, but you’ve got this. You’re being prompted to understand that money shouldn’t be your ultimate goal. Aim instead for life satisfaction.


The Solar Eclipse in your sign is a signal for you to step out of the shadows and into the limelight. You may face a crisis of confidence, but if you push on regardless, you’ll soon feel things falling into place. The key is to stand tall and keep trying.


This Solar Eclipse is designed to reveal more of your psychic gifts. Strange experiences or weird coincidences are happening to you for a reason, so start paying attention. This is a good time to investigate mediumship or a new faith.


Ups and downs in friendships this week are par for the course with the Solar Eclipse occurring in your social zone. Something dramatic may prompt you to wonder if you’re spending time with the right people. You may have grown apart.


You may feel that you’re losing your authority during this Solar Eclipse week. Whether at work or in your personal life, you might have to follow rather than lead. This is only temporary, but it does teach you humility and grace.


The Solar Eclipse urges you to step beyond your comfort zone. You can’t see all of the path ahead. That’s okay. It’s your job right now to trust, not to steer. Take the first step and leave the navigation to the universal consciousness.


This Solar Eclipse can be life-changing, perhaps causing you to confront your darkest fears, head on. Ultimately, the events of this week will change you for the better, but gather plenty of support around you, because it’s a bumpy ride.


In a troubled relationship, this Solar Eclipse could signal a make-or-break moment. For most relationships, however this is a chance to see life from your partner’s point of view. Make an effort to improve your understanding of someone you dearly love.


The Solar Eclipse jolts you out of a routine, for your own benefit. It may feel chaotic for several days, and it could even be distressing But very quickly you’ll start to understand the benefits of this shake-up. Trust in the process and allow it to unfurl.


You are urged this week to maximize your creativity, Pisces. You could use these skills much more than you currently do, including to create an income for yourself. Don’t doubt your abilities – just go for it.


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