Weekly Horoscope (Week of May31)

Kelli Fox

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A highly sociable Gemini New Moon casts a cheerful vibe through this week, helped by Venus’ arrival in the same sign – it’s a great time for entertaining. Mercury shifts into sensitive Cancer, however, so some of us may be taking things more personally than normal.

Do you need to consolidate your skills in order to move ahead, Aries? Education is highlighted during this Eclipse week, so don’t hesitate to take on some further training. You may have to make sacrifices to return to school, but it’s worth it.


Something important draws to a close this week and you may feel temporarily bereft or lost without that focus. Use the Eclipse energies to find your new passion, obsession or interest. Follow your heart and see where it leads.


This is a good time for bringing peace to a warring relationship – not necessarily a romantic one, just any relationship which has been tense. Choose to forgive and move forward with this person on a new footing with fresh mutual understanding.


A health niggle could alarm you this week, but the Eclipse is the wake-up call you’ve been needing. Start a new and healthier regime and be confident in your ability to create lasting change for your health and wellbeing.


The Eclipse reminds you that luck is a very fickle thing, Leo. Be very careful not to gamble with anything you can’t afford to lose, including a relationship or your reputation. Stick to the straight and narrow.


There’s trouble regarding your work-life balance, or rather, your lack of work-life balance. Expect your family to let you know that they need more of you. You may face a difficult choice, but you’ll know in your heart what to do.


Listen to the advice you’re offered during this Eclipse week. It’s possible that someone really does know better than you. Be less headstrong and more willing to consider other views; this will help you avoid mistakes just now.


Ethically, this week and the energies of the Eclipse could put you in a tight spot. You may have to weigh up the right thing to do against your preferred thing to do. Only you know the answer, but the decision you make will reflect your values.


The Eclipse in your own sign brings your emotions to the fore and you may feel unusually weepy or stressed. The key is to release your feelings, instead of hiding them. Have your say. It’s okay to feel these things. Let them all out.


The Eclipse highlights your hidden empathetic talents, and during this week you can be a true asset to others by simply sharing your compassion and your time. Let people lean on you, because your strength is what they need right now.


This week’s Eclipse finds you wanting to belong to a group, and wanting to fit in. This is not like you, since you’re normally happy to be an eccentric loner. Take pleasure from the approval of others by all means, but don’t lose your identity.


An increase in your personal power is likely during this Eclipse, which may mean a promotion at work, or perhaps an upsurge in your personal magnetism and charisma. Whatever it is, don’t be surprised if you find others wanting to follow you closely.


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