Weekly Horoscope (Week of May3)

Kelli Fox

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Mercury shifts into thoughtful Taurus this week, helping us to find logical and careful solutions to problems. Probably just as well, because a major opposition between Mars and Jupiter stretches improbability to its very limits – exaggeration and impossible promises abound.

You may feel betrayed, hurt or deceived by someone close, which is always painful. The healing balm of the Full Moon can help restore the balance, provided you’re willing and able to admit your own part in the problem.


Make your relationship your top priority this week, especially if you’ve been struggling recently. Carve out time for your partner, even if you have to sacrifice work, leisure time, or extended family. If you value this love, you have to honor it.


Feeling emotionally overwhelmed could be an issue this week, especially if you’ve been keeping your feelings bottled up. Talk therapies will help, but so will a cry on the shoulder of a good friend. It’s nothing serious, but don’t keep it to yourself.


Drawing on painful past experiences means that you make a very good mentor or guide to anyone else who’s struggling. This week in particular, you can create art, writing, music, or crafts that help support and inspire others.


You’re not in the limelight this week, and that may irritate you. The best way to refocus is to genuinely try to help and support those who are. Be pleased for someone else who is having their turn at glory. Your own success will return soon.


Be careful with social media posts, as your privacy could be compromised this week. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t be happy sharing with the world. In real life communication, think kindness and sincerity rather than point scoring.


Debts must be repaid this week, but not necessarily financial ones. If you owe someone emotionally, try to repay at least some of their kindness now, even if you pay it forward to someone else. Love makes the world go around.


The Scorpio Full Moon is an intense time for you – surround yourself with those who love you the most and try to rest. Avoid conflict if you can, since you’re likely to lash out in anger and frustration, hurting those who don’t deserve it.


An otherworldly experience could be potentially significant this week – especially if you’ve always been quite skeptical about that kind of thing. Open your eyes, open your heart, and open your mind.


Your motto this week could be “we’re all in this together.” Highly community-minded, you’ll want to do your bit. Be wary of anger or resentment towards those who aren’t giving as much as you are, though. You don’t know the full story.


Something happens at work which makes you question what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Expect a lightbulb moment regarding your true calling or an alternative avenue you’ve always wanted to pursue. Don’t ignore what the cosmos tells you.


Your talent this week lies in making others feel welcome, valued and wanted, particularly if they’re disadvantaged compared to you. Reach out, spread compassion, and be an example for others to follow. You do this so well.


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