Weekly Horoscope (Week of May24)

Kelli Fox

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Communications are complex this week, as Mercury forms an aspect pattern with both Jupiter – who over-promises – and Neptune – who confuses and deceives. We should all take care to communicate clearly and to seek clarification from those communicating with us.

Your focus and concentration get a boost this week, so it’s good for pushing through, meeting deadlines, and getting work done. A busy home week could mean lots of entertaining, but you’ll be quite glad when the guests have gone.


Multi-taking is easier if you’re highly organized, so start making those lists! An exceptionally busy week finds you in high demand at work and at home, but you can easily stay on top of everything if you carefully prioritize.


Put your whimsical mind to good use by creating an alternative income stream through arts and crafts of some kind. You’re more talented than you realize in this area, and you’ve certainly got the skills to sell your work.


This is a light-hearted week for you Cancer, and you’ll enjoy conversations with friends and family, setting the world to rights. Be aware of an increased tendency to worry, however; you may find it more difficult than normal to sleep.


Guilt and regret pay you a visit this week, and it could be a challenge to stay positive under those circumstances. Talk things over with someone you love and trust. It’s important to understand that the past is gone – but the future is yours.


There are plenty of extremely bright ideas whirling around in your brain right now – your challenge is getting them out of your head and into practice. Take small but positive steps towards this every day. Little by little, you’ll get there.


You speak with some degree of authority this week and people are listening to you. Make sure that what you say is both truthful and important. Avoid gossip at all costs, because you know the damage it can do.


Details may escape you this week. You’ll know exactly how to end poverty and eliminate world debt, but picking the kids up from school may be a trick too far for you. Make lots of lists and get some help with the important things!


Listen to what your instincts tell you about people. You’re talented at picking up intuitive signals and you can now see right through to someone’s inner motive. It may not be a pretty sight, but it’s better that you know.


Negotiation and cooperation are your strong points right now, which is slightly unusual as you are often more of a lone wolf. In business and at work, you can make a strong team player – take advantage of this while it lasts!


You have an excellent grasp of detail at the moment, but sometimes you’re missing the bigger picture. Don’t get so obsessed or involved with something that you forget why it’s important in the first place. Take a step back and get perspective.


This is an unusually competitive week for you, Pisces, and you feel it’s important to win. You’re working extremely hard to that end, whether it’s your career, a sport or a contest of some kind. Keep going. You’re closer to victory than you know.


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