Weekly Horoscope (Week of Aug4)

Kelli Fox

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There are some very encouraging trine aspects in play this week, with Jupiter well aspected by both the Sun and Venus. This energy is optimistic and expansive, helping to get plans on the road and to create new opportunities in business, love and money.

Higher or further education is very appealing now as you sense that you would benefit from up-skilling. However, don’t limit your choice of subject to only what would help your career. It’s OK to study something just because you want to!


A greater mutual understanding is available now between you and difficult in-laws or estranged family members. You may have to make the first move, even if it wasn’t your fault, but that’s OK – be the bigger person and put this conflict behind you.


This week’s planetary activity is great news for your love life. If you’re single, expect to find someone who truly inspires you. If you’re already committed, it’s a great time to work on your joint plans and your dreams for the future.


Start a healthy new habit. Whether it’s your physical health or your emotional or mental health, taking better care of you will help you to take better care of others – and since that’s what makes your world rock, it’s worth doing.


Taking a risk will get you noticed, which is always a plus as far as you’re concerned. Do make sure you’re taking a calculated chance, however, not just a reckless leap in the dark. Weigh up your options before setting off in a drastic direction.


An intergenerational link will bring great joy, whether it’s the older or younger generation inspiring you – or maybe both! Tap into your own family history too – there are secrets to be uncovered which will fill you with wonder.


How you communicate is in the spotlight now, so focus on what you want to say and make sure you say it well. Don’t act in haste. If there’s a difficult conversation to have, plan your thoughts first and perhaps put it in writing rather than face to face.


Good news about money brings more confidence that your career is heading in the right direction. The easing of financial pressures is certainly something to be grateful for – this is definitely a week for counting your many, many blessings.


Look into creative visualization and manifestation techniques. You’re bursting with optimism at the moment and those positive thoughts have real power. Learn how to harness your will and your intention to create real change.


Secrets may come to light this week, but that will work in your favor. Don’t be afraid of that which has previously been hidden, as there were good reasons for this. All will become clear, especially if you can meditate or focus your mind.


It’s a great week to expand your social circle, especially if you haven’t yet met some of your sweetheart’s friends or family. Being around people makes you happy, so limit the amount of time you have to spend alone.


Positive movement in your career is a great reason to feel hopeful – it looks as though people are starting to take notice of your talents. It’s an excellent week for a job interview, a change of direction or a new business launch.


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