Weekly Horoscope (Week of Jul7)

Kelli Fox

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Mercury turns retrograde in Leo this week, so tone down the showmanship and communicate more sincerely if you can. However, with the Sun opposing Saturn and Pluto and in square aspect to Uranus, this could be a difficult week – egos and tempers will not give in to reason or emotion.

Your work-life balance is in the spotlight yet again – this is something you really must focus on or it will keep rearing its head. Approach your boss to look for solutions or talk over a potential compromise with your lover.


Priorities may be out of kilter – do what you know is right rather than what you’d like to think could work. Stick to the tried and tested rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. Playing safe will keep disruption to a minimum.


Financial pressures may bite but keep calm. You are more resourceful than you realize, and it’s not until put to a real test that you will be able to surprise yourself. You’ve got this. No need to panic.


With your closest relationship under strain, turn to friends for emotional support. Although conflict may flare with your sweetheart, things can be salvaged if you remember that you are both on the same side – aren’t you?


A lack of confidence may hold you back from pursuing an opportunity. If you dare to say yes, opportunities can come your way – but saying no keeps you confined in your current rut. It’s difficult to take a risk when under pressure – but think about it.


Don’t be misled by your peers, friends or colleagues. You must do what is right for you. While you may appreciate the advice of others, there’s no law which says you must follow it – do your own thing.


What matters is how you see yourself, not how the world sees you. Meet challenges with your head held high. Believe in yourself; that way you won’t need unconditional support which may be currently lacking from friends and family.


Communication is easily muddled or may even be deliberately twisted. Be very clear in what you say and how you say it. Don’t leave room for chance, or someone else will come along and say what you should have said.


Paying your debts is important to you but this week you may be unable to do so, whether literally or figuratively. Ask for more time. If you’re honest about the issue, people will give you the benefit of the doubt – and another chance.


When what you want and need is at odds with what your partner wants and needs, you have a problem. Keep talking; the only way through this impasse is to keep on going. Compromise can be found, but not if tempers get in the way.


Dreams are all very well, but what you need now is practical action. Don’t beat yourself up for what you have not yet done. Congratulate yourself on how far you’ve come, but take real, tangible steps now to move further.


If they tell you it can’t be done, do it anyway and prove them wrong. This week feels edgy and somewhat tense for you, but the key is to recognise that nobody else is responsible for your actions. How you face a problem speaks to who you are.


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