Weekly Horoscope (Week of Jul14)

Kelli Fox

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Last week’s tensions linger still, courtesy of both a Sun-Pluto opposition and a Venus-Saturn opposition, neither of which are helpful for finances and relationships. However, a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn points to an area for each of us where great personal growth can occur.

You like to be in charge but relinquishing or passing on your authority can also bring great satisfaction. Perhaps it’s time to watch the world go by without necessarily needing to be the one calling the shots. At least, not all the time.


Trust the universe. That’s the message from the Lunar Eclipse. Even though you cannot see where your current journey is heading, believe that it’s leading somewhere good. This path into the unknown is scary for you. All the more reason to follow it.


Someone around you is toxic – and you know it. You’ve given this person the benefit of the doubt countless times now, but the Lunar Eclipse urges you to call time on this association. Surround yourself instead with those who wish you well.


Watch for where a relationship, however loving, becomes a little bit too controlling or too suffocating. Freedom is an important vibe from this Lunar Eclipse, so reclaim your own independence, even as you love someone very much.


Do you know what your life purpose is? What’s the point of all of this? If you know, get closer to it using the Lunar Eclipse energies. If you don’t yet know, make it your mission to find out. Follow your spiritual destiny and learn how you can serve.


Enough of being the power behind the throne – it’s time now to sit front and center and to promote your own talents, not someone else’s. The Lunar Eclipse urges you to highlight your own skills and creativity. Shine brighter now than ever before.


Something calls you back to your roots this week, as the Lunar Eclipse strengthens your link to your ancestry, your past and your soul essence. Connecting with older generations will do much to uplift and inspire you.


It’s never too late to change direction. The Lunar Eclipse energies highlight how re-training could bring greater meaning to your life. Choose a life path – and a career path – which truly resonates with your inner light.


The Lunar Eclipse rocks your financial foundation – but only in order to show you that you need less than you think. Focus on your inner resourcefulness and your innate talents, rather than on what you can afford to buy.


Give yourself fully to your closest relationship – don’t worry about losing your identity. The Lunar Eclipse highlights a love situation where you’ve held back a little, afraid to commit. Take the plunge now, unafraid and positive.


Focus inwards in order to become aware of previously hidden unconscious or subconscious habits which are holding you back. Use the Lunar Eclipse energies to seek therapy or to start positive new habits instead. Onwards!


All hail the weird and the wonderful among us – especially you, Pisces. The Lunar Eclipse encourages you to be proud of who you are, including your many quirks and oddities. Be mystical, be magical, be ethereal and be proud.


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