Weekly Horoscope (Week of Jun30)

Kelli Fox

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Powerful Mars surges into dramatic Leo this week, showcasing creativity, glamor and goodwill. Venus is also on the move, shifting into kind and caring Cancer, bringing a softer edge to this swirl of energy. However, a Solar Eclipse, also in Cancer, could bring a few shocks and surprises.

You want to play far more than you want to work and Mars, your ruling planet, certainly encourages fun and leisure this week. However, your family may have other ideas so the pressure on you now to succeed at work could be intense.


Unresolved anger from the past could resurface this week, especially if it relates to your family. Pour your energies into making your home a peaceful and pleasant zone and try to avoid dredging up old grudges.


You’re known for your ability to talk a good talk but don’t be surprised if you find yourself having to defend your ideas and opinions. Don’t take this personally, it’s best to state your case with facts and logic and let natural reason do the rest.


You feel driven to defend what you have this week, whether that’s standing up for loved ones or protecting your resources. Take care not to paint yourself as a victim, however. You’re strong and capable and you really have nothing to fear.


Your charisma is larger than life as Mars arrives in Leo, but your bossiness also goes up a notch and to some you’re coming across as very pushy or dogmatic. A little humility would go a long way.


If you’re having trouble sleeping, you may find yourself daydreaming more. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as your imagination is a powerful tool just now. If you can imagine it, you can create it and make it happen.


Take the lead in a group situation rather than waiting for someone else to do so. Your leadership skills are growing, and you have a great deal to offer. If you take the initiative, especially at work, you will be rewarded.


You want to be noticed professionally and now is the perfect time to blow your own trumpet. It’s a confident vibe for starting your own business or for seeking promotion. You know you’re talented – let the rest of us know now too.


Restlessness could become a major issue for you this week. Travel is one way to soothe those itchy feet, but if that’s not possible at least try to vary your daily routine. Anything new and different will excite you and stave off boredom.


Intense jealousy stirs within a relationship. If either of you have been flirting or playing dangerous games, things may well come to a head this week. Strong and stormy emotions are difficult to handle – confide in someone you trust.


Mars’ arrival in your love zone brings plenty of passion, but also plenty of drama – expect arguments aplenty. As difficult as this is to navigate, this upsurge of excitement could also bring back the spark you’ve been missing.


Huge reserves of energy are at your disposal now and your vitality is greatly increased. This is a good week to take on extra work or to start a new fitness regime. You’re bouncy, alive and good to go.


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