Weekly Horoscope (Week of Jun23)

Kelli Fox

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Venus squares up to Neptune this week, so in love, all may not quite be as it first appears. Strive for honesty and transparency if you want to avoid difficult or embarrassing situations with your sweetheart. Meanwhile, Mercury moves into flamboyant Leo so it’s showtime!

Find an intellectual challenge which inspires you. You’ll want to debate politics or controversial issues – and you’ll probably win. It’s a great week for writing, acting, singing and otherwise putting on a show, so enjoy!


Your concentration and focus are second to none right now, so handle jobs you’ve previously put off because they’re difficult or tedious. Nothing much distracts you, so you can make some really satisfying progress.


You’re here, there and everywhere now, flitting from one project to the next and from one person to the next – but without actually finishing anything! Try to settle down a little and focus. Reward yourself with a mini bribe for sticking with a task to the end!


You’re full of inventive ideas for making money – and some of them are pure gold. If you wanted to go freelance or self-employed, this would be an excellent week to make that leap. Abundance is coming, and opportunities are everywhere.


You’re showcasing your very best self as Mercury arrives in Leo – but the me, me, me may be a bit much for your sweetheart. Don’t forget to listen as well as talk; conversation is apparently a two-way thing. Who knew?


You’re fascinated with the past just now but it’s vital that you keep your feet in the present and your mind on the future. Don’t obsess over what has gone before. You can’t change it. Look instead towards what you can influence going forwards.


It’s a very chatty week for you and you’ll enjoy meeting new faces and finding new company. Get involved with something fun like amateur dramatics or children’s entertainment. There’s a lot of energy in your week, and lots of laughter.


Plan ahead in your career – you have a very strategic mind and now is a good time to create a route to where you want to be. Emotionally, you’re feeing quite serious this week, but also quietly optimistic.


Long philosophical discussions beckon, on everything from religion to ethics to politics. You’ll love to debate this week and you’re learning from other people’s viewpoints too. Your open mind does you great credit.


You’re a creature of logic usually, but Mercury’s energies boost your intuition now. Listen to your heart and to your instincts. You know more than you realize. Your dreams and daydreams may also provide insight, if you pay attention.


Feeling indecisive? It’s difficult for you to keep your mind made up this week, but flip flopping will waste time and add to your frustration. Try to keep yourself busy so that have no time to constantly second guess every decision.


Time management matters more than ever this week, as you have so much to do and so many immovable commitments. Try to start each day with a plan – this is not a waste of time; on the contrary, it may be the only way of keeping your sanity!


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