Weekly Horoscope (Week of Mar31)

Kelli Fox

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Mars shifts gears this week and moves into sociable, happy Gemini, lightening the atmosphere and improving communication all round. Meanwhile, a New Moon in pioneering Aries is good news for anyone wanting to get a project off the ground.

Getting what you want has never been easier – ask for it and expect to get it. There’s huge potential here for a very big project indeed so set your sights high. The only limit is what you believe you can achieve.


Getting your finances in order is your over-riding priority now and you’re well placed to earn some extra money. New businesses are favored and if you learn some new skills you’ll also be able to take on a side hustle. Busy, busy, but it’s all good.


Your personal ambitions are very strong, now that Mars has arrived in your sign. Stop drifting and start achieving. You have all the talent required but you’ve sometimes lacked effort – not any longer. Onwards to great things!


You’re driven now to learn more about yourself and your spirituality. It’s a very good time to investigate different faiths and practices and to look into psychic abilities, divination and the paranormal. Who knows what you might find!


Mars inspires you to change the world – and yes, it can be done. You can’t do it alone, however, so now is the time to seek out like-minded souls. Work with others. Work as a team. No more lone wolf.


With Mars now in your ambitions zone, you’re much more driven to succeed. This is the best time of the year to promote yourself and your abilities to the wider world. Don’t be shy about what you can do – it’s time to shine!


Itchy feet? Mars in your travel zone is a sure sign that a journey is needed. Travel abroad if you can, to stretch your mind the furthest, but anywhere will do, even your nearest neighborhood. What matters is that you get out and about.


Be careful about digging to uncover someone else’s secrets: you may just let slip a few of your own while you’re at it. Mars drives you to quite some lengths in pursuit of revenge this week, but are you sure that’s really wise?


With Mars now in your love zone, there’s a combination of passion and anger in your relationship. The making up may well be fun but be careful not to provoke arguments unnecessarily. Be considerate of your sweetheart and be honest.


This is a great time to forge a personal fitness routine which works. Mars drives you to become healthier and you’ll enjoy sports and all kinds of physical activity. Don’t take it to extremes, however. Exhaustion is not a good look.


Never one to conform, this week you’re taking a definite walk on the wild side. Mars drives you to some quite extreme behaviour but be careful with your personal safety. If you must take risks, calculate them properly first.


There could be some discord at home as Mars arrives in your family zone, but flaring tempers won’t harm the solid family foundation you have. Weather the storm with good humor if you can – find the funny side of loved ones letting off steam.


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