Weekly Horoscope (Week of Mar3)

Kelli Fox

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Mercury turns retrograde in Pisces this week, allowing us all some extra time to reflect. Just as well, since the big astrological news is the shift of Uranus into Taurus, which will shake things up for us all.

Expect some disruption to your finances as Uranus takes up long term residence in your money zone. However, by shifting your thinking just a little, you’ll find that this is a golden opportunity to strike out on your own or create a new business.


Freedom is a huge issue as Uranus takes up residence in your sign. You can now re-invent yourself in a burst of independence and energy. From an image makeover to a new career, take the first steps now for a fresh new beginning.


Your psychic senses are growing much, much stronger now that Uranus is active in this zone of your chart. Expect a sudden breakthrough in these skills, plus more vivid dreams and a stronger sense of the planet’s own vibrations.


New friends you may make this week can usher in a whole new worldview. Uranus brings unusual people into your orbit and encourages you to take an interest in issues which have previously passed you by. The fight for social justice starts here.


Big career changes are on the horizon as your rebellious streak takes hold. Uranus urges you to re-think direction, and for some Leos, events this week will herald a radical change in career path. Don’t settle for second best.


Freedom of expression comes much more easily to you now that Uranus is resident in your philosophy zone. You’ll feel more confident in your ideas and better able to take a different path to your friends, family and peers. Independence is encouraged.


There’s a breakthrough this week in a power struggle or a situation where you’ve felt oppressed. The rules are changing, as Uranus shifts sign, and the power is coming to you instead. Use it wisely and responsibly and do not seek revenge.


With the rebel planet Uranus now resident in your love zone, you can expect some dramatic changes within a relationship. This may not feel easy at the time, but events now will shape a healthier relationship for the future, so hang on in there.


An urge to be rid of routines, rules and expectations takes hold this week as Uranus encourages you to rebel. That’s fine but do have an end destination in mind. To bring about positive change, you must first know what you actually want.


Single Capricorns may experience a whirlwind romance now that Uranus brings surprises to your dating zone. For those already in love, take positive action to keep your relationship sparkle alive – don’t let it slip into boredom.


Expect some surprising news about your home or family. Although it may initially come as a shock, the news is good and will open up new horizons for you in the coming years. This week could be a turning point: remember it well.


New skills are yours for the taking, but don’t restrict yourself to what you think you’re supposed to be learning. Intellectual freedom is a big deal with Uranus now settling into your mind zone – explore knowledge and soak it up.


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