Weekly Horoscope (Week of Mar24)

Kelli Fox

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Mercury retrograde ends this week, so communication will start to feel easier and a little more logical – less emotionally driven. However, Venus moves into super-sensitive Pisces, so issues of love and money could become touchy and easy to get wrong.

Don’t be surprised to feel a little shyer or emotionally reticent than normal. You’ll want your love to remain firmly behind closed doors – for a change! If you’re single, you may meet someone your family disapproves of – their problem, not yours.


If you’re looking for love, look for someone who is passionate about the same causes and issues as you. If you’re already in a relationship, think about campaigning together or working on a community project alongside one another.


It’s a fantastic time for making a good impression at work or in an interview or test of any kind. You can talk your way into almost anything this week, especially professionally. Let’s hope you can talk your way out again too!


Freedom feels important to you this week and you’ll resent being expected to conform or stick to the rules. In love, however, this freedom can be taken too far. If you’re in a relationship already, be very careful of rocking the boat.


This week, you’ll feel emotion more deeply than you’re used to and that can be unsettling. Someone may challenge you over issues you thought were long gone – stand your ground and be open and honest. The tension will end soon enough.


Venus moves into your love zone this week, so it’s romance, kittens, poetry and rose petals all the way. Almost. If you’re in an established relationship it might be harder work. Small, loving gestures count for a lot – make your sweetheart feel special.


Over-indulgence is a risk this week, whether that’s with food, alcohol, drugs, over-spending or anything else. Practice moderation and if you can’t, get a good friend to keep an eye on you. Your health deserves better.


Venus moves into your passion zone, helping to make this a week to remember. Whether you’re single or attached, a sudden and intoxicating attraction could make life interesting – but if you play with fire, you can’t complain when burned.


Your family unit is very strong this week and that gives you great pride. Focus on the home environment and make things feel comfortable and in your style. Your home is an extension of you, so it pays to get it just right.


Your imagination gets a huge boost from Venus this week, making it an exceptional time for writers, artists, poets and musicians. Let your thoughts lead you where they will – try not to self-censor. There are some sparks of pure genius in there.


Better financial news is enough to make you smile, but what really matters is that you’re shifting your expectations when it comes to money. You’re learning that there’s so much more to life than a big bank balance.


Venus’ arrival in your own sign makes you even more sensitive than normal, so there could well be some tears this week. Try not to take things too personally. You love, and you are loved – the rest of it is largely irrelevant anyway.


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