Weekly Horoscope (Week of Mar10)

Kelli Fox

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This is a relatively quiet astrological week, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be productive. A very positive trine between Mars and Saturn helps to push projects forwards and some lateral thinking will dissolve obstacles easily.

A raise, promotion or recognition at work motivates you to reach even higher. People are acknowledging your skills and that feels good for sure. Use your success to help mentor someone who is struggling. Pass on the love.


This is an excellent week for breaking through your personal barriers. Whatever has been holding you back will start to dissolve if you take positive action. Reach out and get what you need, whether it’s training, counseling, therapy or funding.


There’s a lot going on spiritually for you this week, including some emotional work to be done on karmic issues. You may be unaware of all this, but your subconscious and higher consciousness are working overtime. Explains why you feel so tired!


It’s the perfect time to work on joint projects with your spouse, friend or partner, because shared dreams need shared effort. Talk together about how you want to change your world. You’re an excellent team, so put that team to work.


An improvement in your working conditions means it’s easier to get more done. Capitalize on this increased productivity by working extra hours if you can. The more you get ahead now, the less pressure you’ll feel later in the year.


Solid, rational, logical thinking will get you a long way this week. If you’re facing an obstacle at work or in your personal life, think sensibly to find a way around it. Put aside the emotions and drama and work with what’s left – facts, not fantasy.


This is a very healing vibe for any family issues which linger from your past. If you’ve felt wounded, exercise your power of forgiveness. Not for anyone else’s sake, but for yours – because by forgiving, you can move on with positivity.


Communication within your relationship improves dramatically this week, helping you to put any rocky patches behind you. Keep moving forwards, keep talking and keep sharing your dreams. Sulking in silence helps nobody.


Better financial news is on the way; some might call it good luck, but you’ve worked hard to put yourself in a position to receive this “luck”, so don’t dismiss your own efforts. Things are looking up, so feel the positive vibes coming.


This looks set to be a fun-filled week, packed with plenty of what makes you smile. You’re socially confident and will enjoy parties, entertaining and dating – if you’re single! Within a relationship, passion rises and there are memories to make.


This is a great week to discover more about your roots and your family background. What you find out may surprise you or even shock you, but it all fits together to form a more rounded picture of who you truly are. Fascinating and intriguing.


Your focus and concentration are awesome this week, so you can make quick progress on difficult, complex or boring tasks. Enjoy a sense of accomplishment when you look back at how far you’ve come.


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