Weekly Horoscope (Week of Feb24)

Kelli Fox

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A difficult square between Venus and Uranus could bring some tension in love this week. There’s a conflict between the status quo and something new and exotic. Once Venus shifts into Aquarius, this yearning for the new and unusual may become even stronger.

If you’re single, love can be found where you least expect it this week. Look beyond the people you think are your “type” – in particular, look towards someone you collaborate with on a social or community project.


You’re preoccupied now with status and with how others see you, particularly in terms of what you do for a living. A desire to better oneself is always a good thing, but make sure your ambitions are what you want, not what you think others expect.


It’s intellect rather than a pretty face which attracts you this week, especially if you’re single. Look for someone you can have a spirited debate with rather than someone who agrees with everything you say. You’re up for a challenge in love!


Within an existing relationship, jealousy could become a problem. If you’re flirting – or if your partner is – then it’s not surprising that anger results. Talk to one another openly and get to the bottom of why this is happening.


With Venus now transiting your romance zone, your love life is your central focus. Whether you’re single or involved, this week’s energies are all about love, companionship, sensitivity and compassion. Cuddles all round!


Venus urges you to take a good look at your lifestyle and to seek a healthier balance in your diet, your exercise and your mental health. Look into alternative therapies and holistic fitness, incorporating elements like yoga and tai chi.


It’s through creativity that you can really shine this week. You have some brilliant ideas and a tremendous imagination. Use art, crafts, writing or music to get your point across – you’re much more talented in this regard than you think.


Children and elderly relatives are both easier to handle this week, courtesy of Venus’ arrival in your family zone. Smooth over tensions with good humor and good food; it’s a wonderful time for a reconciliation and for forgiveness.


You know just what to say and when to say it. You’re always a good communicator but this week your diplomacy goes up several notches and you’re able to get the right results. Keep talking, but just as importantly, keep listening.


The urge to keep up with others, financially, is very strong now. Be comfortable in your own skin rather than always trying to match someone else. There’s more to life than money and you are blessed in many ways which others are not.


The arrival of Venus in your own sign increases your charm and also helps you to feel more sociable than normal. This is an excellent time to spread your social wings and to widen the circle of people you know. Who knows who you might discover!


Be careful with social media, as something you innocently say may be turned against you or taken out of context. Privacy is important just now, so take steps to protect yours. Keep personal information personal.


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