Weekly Horoscope (Week of Feb10)

Kelli Fox

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It’s a busy cosmic week, with Mercury moving into intuitive Pisces and Mars eventually shifting gears in solid, cautious Taurus. Just before Mars changes signs, however, a very powerful Mars-Uranus conjunction in aggressive Aries could prove explosive – and not necessarily in a good way.

You may struggle to control your anger and emotions, especially if you feel under attack. Try to channel your energy into constructive solutions rather than becoming part of the problem. You don’t need to take revenge; you need to move forwards.


Severe inner doubts could make this a difficult and emotional week. You may feel as though the whole world is against you but hang on in there. Once Mars arrives in your sign, your fighting spirit will return. You may be down, but you’re not defeated.


Social relationships are exceptionally argumentative this week and you may find that friendships go through some upheaval. Retreat to the pleasure of your own company and spend some time alone. Step off the merry-go-round for a rest.


There could be drama at work, especially if someone issues an ultimatum. Before you over-react, try to remember that you’re part of a team. A team response will be much more powerful than your individual anger. Talk to your colleagues.


Leos like to win and you’re no exception. This week, you spot an opportunity to get ahead and you’ll jump on it with enthusiasm. Be careful, however, that you’re not exploiting someone else’s bad luck along the way.


You are your own harshest critic this week and your self-talk can be very destructive. Seek a fresh intellectual challenge – maybe a new course of some kind – and focus your energy on expanding your mind instead of reprimanding yourself.


Drama in your love life may feel alarming but be reassured that it’s part of your growth. If you are in love, be open, honest and passionate with your partner. You can get through this together, but don’t expect it to be a totally easy ride.


Your health may come under scrutiny now, with some unexpected news serving as a wake-up call. The good news is that your partner will be a huge help in creating new and healthy habits, so embrace this energy as the start of something new and good.


A financial shock may be on the way, especially if you haven’t been especially careful with money recently. Don’t panic. Mars encourages you to double down and work extra hard – with focus and determination, you can fix this.


Do more – much more – of what makes you happy. Family conflicts may escalate this week but that’s families for you. Don’t over-think it. Spend time enjoying your hobbies or indulging your creativity and leave your everyday concerns behind.


This is a good time to forge ahead with any domestic plan such as renovation projects or a house move. Don’t be surprised, however, if family tempers start to rise. Everyone’s patience is tested. A fun day out will do much to foster togetherness.


Financially, the news this week may not be great. However, it’s up to you what you make of this. You’ve taken it somewhat easy recently and you’re not reaching your true potential. Fix that and you’ll soon find that the financial rewards follow.


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