Weekly Horoscope (Week of Sep9)

Kelli Fox

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An industrious Virgo New Moon brings us some busy energy this week; it’s an ideal time to take action on plans laid long ago. Venus and Uranus go head to head in an exotic opposition, which leads to surprises in love or money for many of us.

Look at yourself as a holistic being. It’s not enough to be successful at work or happy in love – what about your health and wellbeing? Your spirituality? Work out a plan to focus on neglected life areas in the coming few weeks.


Indulge your inner child with some feelgood activities and plenty of fun and games. If you have kids of your own, they’ll make you feel alive – but it’s important to put yourself in their child-like shoes and to see the world through their eyes.


Don’t be surprised if you feel the urge to nest at home. Clear out your clutter, give the place a good clean and visualize improvements you could make. Do what is necessary to turn your home into your sanctuary.


This is the perfect moment to say what you’ve been wanting to say. Where the time has not been right: it is right now. Speak with tact and from the heart, but don’t hold back on what needs to be said. Clear the air.


Among all the things you value in life, do you value your time properly? This week, spend time doing things just for you. Things which make you smile or boost your wellbeing. Prioritise yourself for once, not everyone else.


Your willpower is extremely strong as the Virgo New Moon boosts your energy. Give up a bad habit or start a positive new one. Make a small change to your life which will have a big impact in later years.


Look into creative visualization, cosmic ordering and other energy work. Listen to your dreams and focus on what they may be telling you. Look for signs and signals from the cosmos. There are messages here for you: are you listening?


New friends are waiting to be made, but it’s up to you to take those first steps towards a better social life. Think about joining a new club or group or walk away from one which is taking up too much time for too little gratification.


Instead of fighting against authority, find your own natural authority within you and learn to work with it. Others will follow your lead if you inspire them. Rather than battling against an obstacle, be the pathway around it.


Try to visit some new places. Travel – the further the better – is highlighted, but there’s a great deal you can explore just in your own hometown. Visit places you loved as a child or strike out to somewhere completely new. But go, wherever it is.


Self-analysis will pay dividends this week, as will work on your own personal growth. It might be a good idea to look into psychological therapy of some kind, or self-help techniques which will grow your confidence and your self-esteem.


If you’re single, the New Moon in your love zone invites you to visualize what you want and need from a relationship in order to manifest it. If you’re already in love, create some special memories by rekindling that spark.


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