Weekly Horoscope (Week of Sep23)

Kelli Fox

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This week we have a Full Moon in forthright Aries. However, the Full Moon faces a difficult square aspect from responsible Saturn – this week’s energy is about making the most of our lives without shirking from what we must do.

Appearances count as the Full Moon shines from Aries – or at least, you think they do. What really matters is what you feel and how you care for others in your life. Don’t try to pretend everything is OK; it’s OK to need help sometimes.


What you’d really like is some privacy and some alone time. However, duty calls and you may have to socialize, against your better judgement, or be there for others. It’s a delicate balance; are the some less important commitments you could drop?


The Full Moon brings a sociable vibe, but too much time spent with others may mean not enough time focusing on your health or your work. You may have to re-think your priorities somewhat or get better juggling time.


You’re called upon to take the lead at work or in public, and you’re more than capable of doing so. However, you’ll feel uncomfortable in the spotlight and would much prefer to take a backseat. Time for rest will come later.


You’re very easily distracted this week as the Full Moon shines from your exploration zone. There’s always something more interesting to do than what you’re supposed to be doing! Focus on your responsibilities first – get distracted later!


Trying to be pleasant to difficult in-laws or extended family members is tricky this week and takes up a lot of your energy. You have the highest of motives for trying, however, and nobody could fault you for that. Keep smiling.


The Full Moon in your love zone highlights compromise and negotiation with your partner – but you may feel hard done by if you don’t get your own way. Recognize that this is the nature of adulting – and you’ve had your own way in the past.


Your keen efforts to get fit or healthy are somewhat derailed by your family’s need for attention or you boss’ need for some urgent work. You can put others first if you wish, but sooner or later you’ll need to take care of yourself.


The Full Moon urges fun and relaxation – but that’s probably not what your schedule looks like. You’re trying to pack far too much into any one day, so better organisation is needed. Schedule time to laugh and love!


Home is where the heart is as the Full Moon shines from your home zone. You’ll want to focus on redecorating, tidying or simply relaxing, but do be aware that unexpected guests will probably need caring for – like it or not!


You’re trying your best to stay on top of communication this week, and you’ve been good at getting back in touch with old friends and replying to overdue emails. Don’t forget to talk to your sweetheart face to face though!


What you own this week probably seems like not enough. Financial worries may be pressing and it’s difficult to relax under those circumstances. Try to trust the cosmos here. Better news is on the way, but you’ll need to change your mindset if you can.


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