Weekly Horoscope (Week of Sep2)

Kelli Fox

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Logical Mercury moves into detail-focused Virgo this week, so confusing or complex situations are likely to become easier to handle. Watch out for hidden agendas, however, as the Sun-Neptune opposition suggests that some of the facts are not yet clear. A large dose of common sense will help most of us navigate the week.

Be open and communicative at work and ready to learn new skills. Even if you’re already doing well, there’s always something you can improve upon. Try not to take criticism to heart, especially when it’s just gossip. Believe in yourself.


It’s important to listen this week, as well as talk. You’re passionate about a particular subject, but you’re not hearing what your friends and loved ones are telling you. Don’t assume that you know what others think – ask, listen and find out.


Use smart thinking to get the most from your 24 hours each day. A conflict between home and work causes confusion and some angst, but there are solutions right under your nose if you only pause long enough to find them.


Indecision could be troublesome this week – you simply can’t keep your mind made up, from one moment to the next! Writing your ideas and thoughts down will bring greater clarity. Make lists of pros and cons. Use reason and a process of elimination.


Business and work-related negotiations go extremely well this week, so it’s a good idea to be clear about your ambitions. Emotionally, you may have to compromise over an issue which is dear to your heart, but love triumphs in the end.


Your confidence is growing now that Mercury is in your own sign. It’s a fantastic week for writing or researching and for getting your message across. Talk openly to your sweetheart and share your goals, dreams and ideas.


If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. You can rely on your gut instincts and your psychic insights this week. Even if you don’t understand why you feel a certain way, you’d be well advised to pay attention to your feelings.


Technology is a real boost this week, whether it’s making your life easier at work or at home. Use it to keep in touch with far flung friends and family and to explore new possibilities. Social media is an effective tool now for managing a group.


Take practical steps in your career, however small. You may need to get some extra training or invest in a new qualification course in order to reach your full potential – don’t hesitate to go for it. Bright things are heading your way.


You’re keen to mix with and experience different cultures and viewpoints this week. Expanding your mind in this way can be challenging and some of your preconceptions will fall by the wayside no doubt; that’s a very good thing.


Your curiosity about life is at its highest now, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself drawn to the huge, unanswerable questions about our existence. Dig deep and look into areas which fascinate you. There’s so much for you to discover!


Talk honestly with your sweetheart; don’t try to spin them a story. Heart to heart communication is favored this week, even if it’s sometimes uncomfortable. The truth is worth so much more than a sanitized soundbite, any day.


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