Weekly Horoscope (Week of Aug26)

Kelli Fox

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After last week’s deep thinking, this week feels fresh and action filled. Mars ends its retrograde period and starts to push forwards again in ambitious Capricorn. Meanwhile, a spiritual Full Moon in Pisces helps to bring closure to emotional issues, freeing us up to smile once again.

A secret may come out this week, but to be honest that’s likely to be something of a relief to you. Focus on reconciliation and healing where there has been discord. With emotional upheaval behind you, calmer waters are ahead.


Mindfulness is important this week, so try hard to enjoy each moment as it comes along. Don’t over-think it. There’s a sociable vibe here so time spent with friends will be very enjoyable. Put aside your worries and simply be.


This is the ideal week for showcasing your skills and for promoting yourself, especially if you’re self-employed or looking to start a new business. Don’t be shy about selling your talents. Project confidence and people will buy into you.


Eye-opening events may give you a different perspective on an ethical or moral issue this week – and that’s a good thing. You’re expanding your mind all the time. This is also a good time to sign up for a new course or educational experience.


Clear out your basement or your attic and put the finishing touches to a renovation or home improvement. Let go of things from the past which no longer serve you. There’s a difference between collecting and hoarding – stay on the right side of that line!


Your relationship is front and center and there are many special memories to be made. If you’re single, look out for an instant connection with someone surprising; someone who most definitely isn’t your “type”.


Work is very busy and quite stressful, but there’s a lot of satisfaction to be had once the job is done and done well. Hang on in there. You’re nearly done. Make an extra effort on this home stretch, so that you can finish strong.


Passions run high this week so it’s a wonderful time to be in love. If you’re single, your passion may be for a pet project instead: whatever it is, it consumes your every waking moment and you’re determined to make it count. Good for you!


Family members may seem a little difficult or clingy this week, but you have the patience to deal with this sensitively. Nevertheless, it’s important that you get some privacy and some downtime to just be you. Find some space where you can.


It’s information overload this week and everyone wants a piece of you. In order to cope with the chaos, streamline. Cut down on unnecessary work or social commitments and zero in on what really matters. The rest is just noise.


An important project or phase in your life is nearing completion, and that’s a big feeling. Be proud of how far you’ve come, even if this stage does bring an emotional ending to something. There will be exciting new beginnings ahead.


There’s a lot going on in this breath-taking week, and you’re at the center of it all. You may feel stressed out but most of this energy is positive and encouraging. Breathe. Great things are coming and this whirlwind is the start.


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