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Weekly Horoscope

Week of August 20, 2017

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This week’s astrological news is dominated by the total Solar Eclipse in Leo. Like many eclipses, this one may bring dramatic change on the world stage, particularly in terms of leadership and potential cover-ups or conspiracies. On a personal level, each sign will feel the effects of the Eclipse in one way or another – prepare for change, because it’s coming whether you’re ready or not!


You've been holding back from taking a creative risk. Unless you take that leap of faith, circumstances may force your hand. The key is to have the confidence to go ahead and do it anyway - before you are left with no choice in the matter.


House moves, domestic matters and family issues are highlighted by the Solar Eclipse. A mini family crisis may dominate, but take heart - it's a blessing in disguise. Once the dust has settled, you will see how far you have come.


You have so much to teach others - but you're not doing it. The Solar Eclipse forces you to share your knowledge in some way. Only by going through this can you start to understand how much you have to give, and then give voluntarily.


Financial news will dominate your week. Whether events bring pluses or minuses to your bank account, the key is in how you react. Choose to take a positive, generous-minded, open-hearted view. Avoid self-pity or self-congratulation.


The Solar Eclipse in Leo has a dramatic effect on your self-confidence levels and you may even feel that your very identity is under threat. Hang on in there. Assert yourself and stand your ground. The earth may be shifting, but you can stay steady.


The Solar Eclipse brings fears and anxieties to the surface - but this means that you can confront them head on, and heal. An emotional week to be sure, with difficult psychological moments, but ultimately a positive step on your path.


Put others first, no matter what cost to yourself. The Solar Eclipse is challenging your humanitarian instincts. Do you walk the walk as well as talk the talk? If not, start now. It's not about what you say, rather what you do.


Pressure ratchets up at work, but the Solar Eclipse may mark a turning point in your career. If you want to change direction, look for signs that now is the right time. Be bold, or you may miss out on opportunities.


Your morals or beliefs are challenged by this week's Solar Eclipse, and you may find yourself left with more questions than answers. It could be an uncomfortable experience. Talk to your faith leaders, or seek answers within through meditation.


Examine your motivations carefully. This is not the time for scheming or manipulation, or for treating others like fools. Be open and honest in all your dealings this week - and be true to yourself also. The Eclipse leaves no hiding place.


The Solar Eclipse occurs in your love zone, so it could be a tumultuous week for your relationship. Rest assured that you can pull through this, if you want to. Challenges will make you stronger together - but it's vital that you keep talking throughout.


The Solar Eclipse focuses on your health - if you've been neglecting yourself recently, there could be a short, sharp wake-up call which reminds you to get back on track. Foster a body-positive mindset and be kind to yourself as well as disciplined.

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