Virgo Daily Horoscope

September 20th, 2018

If you're at work today, you've probably got some catching up to do. Working with other people is a great way to go now, because brainstorming together leads you to some truly imaginative ideas, ones you couldn't have dreamed up on your own. Just make sure you're open to others' thoughts, even the ones that seem a little bit out there. This is a good day for testing unorthodox methods.

Intensity: 69%

Mood: step aside

Keywords: risky, absorb the impact


September 21st, 2018

You may not realize it, but you may be coming across as a bit cool today. Have you noticed other people giving you a wide berth, leaving you to your own thoughts and activities? That's because you're sending out an aloof vibe. And maybe that's okay. If you have work to do, you'll appreciate the peace and quiet. But try to warm up a little, too. You could use others' support and company.

Intensity: 69%

Mood: ups and downs

Keywords: exciting, sustainable


September 22nd, 2018

Your deepest emotions bloom up today from your unconscious mind. Your dreams may be vivid, even when you're awake. Strange, subjective images and fantasies occupy your mind. These may not be images you can figure out or explain away, but you can analyze them -- later, when your perceptions are sharper and clearer. For now, just write down your dreams and impressions, or resolve to remember them.

Intensity: 87%

Mood: inspired

Keywords: underemployed, assertive


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