Virgo Daily Horoscope

March 29th, 2017

It's show time! So show off your stunning beauty. Give them another demo of your laser-like wit. Bring the opposition to their knees. You could probably do it in two minutes if you felt merciful, but where's the fun in that? Yes, there's a job you have to do today, but you also intend to have the ride of a lifetime while you're doing it. As long as you're sure about your place and purpose in the world, no one else will doubt you, either.

Intensity: 63%

Mood: discreet

Keywords: affable, amiable


March 30th, 2017

Watch and listen carefully. Create the quiet conditions and natural lighting you need. Don't like what your noisy neighbors are up to? Spread civilization by acting civilized. They might laugh at first, but they'll change their tune once they hear all the cool stuff coming from your house. Today you'll work for harmony because you love the sound of it. But remember, you can't maintain this purity forever. You can let a little friendly noise creep back in once you're clear that everyone is getting along.

Intensity: 63%

Mood: purposeful

Keywords: undemanding, unhurried


March 31st, 2017

If there's any conflict going on in your life right now, it's only because you lack perspective. You may think you're experiencing troubles at work or with your sweetie or friends, but really, you're just temporarily stuck in a narrow world view. One way to decrease tensions is by broadening that view. Stop thinking you have all the answers, or that you need them immediately. It's okay to float a bit. Open your eyes and ask questions, even open-ended ones.

Intensity: 84%

Mood: mad

Keywords: skittish, variable


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