Venus in Virgo

Kelli Fox

Venus in Virgo: August 21st – September 14th

High Ideals in Love

While Venus is in Virgo, and depending on how this influence affects other planets in your birth chart, you may find yourself holding high ideals in love. You won’t be likely to settle for someone who doesn’t meet your standards, preferring solitude to imperfection. In fact, this could be a favorable time for working on your most important and lifelong relationship — the one you have with yourself.


Self-acceptance will be a big lesson now, especially when it comes to your feeling of attractiveness. You might find yourself picking apart your appearance, criticizing yourself for what you see as faults and imperfections.

Diet and Exercise

If there’s an area of life where you could make a positive difference — like improving your self-care habits through diet or exercise — this is an excellent time to do so. But for those parts of yourself that are beyond your control, practice loving yourself just as you are.


You may find that you’re more critical of potential suitors or, if in a relationship, of your partner. Although you may think you’re being “helpful,” your words could be received as harsh or judgmental. At the same time, you could be more sensitive to other people’s criticism, as you may feel less confident than usual. Luckily, you’re willing to work through any relationship issues that come up during this time, and you can make lasting improvements in your partnership.

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