Venus turns Retrograde

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Venus Retrograde in Aries: March 4 – April 15

From March 4 through April 15, 2017, Venus will be retrograde in Aries. During this period, your love life could be up, down and all over the place! The Love Planet in this take-charge sign always has quite the ardent edge, inspiring bold advances as you follow your passionate urges. But when Venus enters retrograde motion, that bold, passionate energy is turned on its head. Suddenly, you aren’t just daring and adventurous in love—you’re reckless, and heedless of the consequences.

This may not be the best period, then, for starting a new relationship, since your judgment is a little off. That might apply to the object of your desires: The same person who seems so irresistible during Venus Retrograde may have you scratching your head once the Love Planet turns direct again, wondering what you thought you saw in them. It also might apply to your own actions and how you go about pursuing someone attractive. When Venus is retrograde, your aim is more than a little off. You’re like a chain of firecrackers shooting in all directions, all heat and flash and plenty of potential for danger.

If you do meet someone new during Venus Retrograde, or reconnect with an old flame—another distinct possibility at this time—your best bet is to take it slowly. But that could feel impossible! All you want is throw yourself heart-first into this new, compelling connection. But the Aries influence can make lovers finicky on a good day, and this is doubly true during Venus’s retrograde period in this sign. Now you’re craving stimulation, and you’ll do anything it takes to get it.

On that note, you’re also hot-headed during this period. You might pick arguments with your sweetheart purely for excitement. In fact, for people involved in committed relationships, this period can bring simmering issues bubbling to the surface. You’ll stand your ground and fight it out, which could have real consequences if one of you blurts out something hurtful in the heat of the moment or admits to something you meant to keep a secret.

Sometimes a good clearing of the air is in order, but try not to make any major relationship decisions until after April 15, when the Love Planet goes direct once again. Only then can you have a clearer perspective on what the stakes truly are and what you both want for the future.

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