Venus Turns Retrograde

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Venus Retrograde in Gemini at nearly 22 degrees on May 12th. It will turn direct at 5 degrees on June 24th.

Specifics of Venus Retrograde

Venus is our next-door neighbor here in the solar system, and therefore it is retrograde the least amount of time of all the planets — only once every 18 months, for about 6 weeks at a time. That amounts to about seven percent of the time, total. Compare that to Pluto, which is retrograde forty-four percent of the time!

Love Becomes Intolerable

When Venus, the Planet of Love, goes retrograde, it’s no surprise that relationship issues come right to the surface. Things you (or your lover!) have simply been tolerating all of a sudden become intolerable. One or both of you may say or do things that you otherwise wouldn’t. Some folks have been known to make sudden, unilateral relationship moves when Venus was retrograde — but we don’t recommend it. Far better to talk it out and give it some time. You can make a permanent decision later on, when Venus goes direct and you become more sure of what you want and how to make it happen.

Don’t Start a New Relationship

By the same token, it’s best not to begin a relationship under Venus Retrograde, either. However, it could be a great time to reconnect with someone from your past. Just be careful not to repeat mistakes.


Perhaps the most valuable feature of Venus Retrograde is the opportunity for you to reevaluate what is important to you: What do you value? You perceive your value system with new eyes during this period, and can adjust your life accordingly.

Antique Shopping

When Venus is retrograde, it is considered a poor time to get married or open a bank account. Don’t purchase luxury items, as they are likely to be overpriced. It’s a great time, on the other hand, for shopping in antique stores, secondhand stores and flea markets.

Very Busy Social Life

While Venus visits Gemini, and depending on how this influence affects other planets in your natal chart, your social life could be very stimulating! You might find yourself connecting with a wide variety of friends, and enjoying an assortment of activities. Curiosity is high, and you’re eager to try new experiences and learn about different subjects.

Flirtatious and Fickle

In love, you’re quite flirtatious, and you could be accused of being fickle. Your affections are likely to shift unpredictably, as you get bored easily and find your mind wandering into the realm of romantic possibilities. You could also have a tendency toward more superficial relationships now, preferring to keep connections light and playful rather than delving into deep emotional territory. If you’re single, this could be a time when you enjoy dating more than one person, and find that different parts of your personality emerge depending on who you’re with.

Gossip and Chit Chat

Communication becomes more of a priority in relationship under this transit although take care with gossip and chit chat. Rumors and backstabbing may be a problem at this time. You’ll be seeking a meeting of the minds but do it in a positive way.

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