Venus in Sagittarius

Kelli Fox

Venus in Sagittarius: December 15th – January 8th

Freedom in Love

While Venus is in Sagittarius, and depending on how this influence affects the other planets in your chart, you’ll want your love life to be a great adventure. You need a lot of space and freedom to explore right now, and you actively seek out fun and excitement rather than passively waiting around.

Enthusiasm and Foreign Cultures

Your enthusiasm and adventurous spirit could make you very popular, and you may find yourself socializing with a variety of interesting folks. Curiosity is high, and you’re more open to connecting with different types of people, especially those from foreign countries and cultures.

Traveling and Adventure

Committing to a long-term one-on-one relationship could feel stifling now. If you’re already in a partnership, this is a time when you might need more freedom to do your own thing. You can also breathe new life into your relationship by traveling or going on some kind of adventure together. You want to feel like you and your partnership are growing and expanding in new directions.


During this transit you may be very idealistic, with big dreams for the future, and you long to connect with friends and lovers who share your ideals. Just beware of a tendency toward arrogance when it comes to your view of the world — make an effort to be open to other people’s ideas and perspectives.

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