Venus Retrograde in Scorpio

Kelli Fox

Venusgoes retrograde at nearly 11 degrees Scorpio on October 5th, going back into Libra on October 31st and on through November, then goes direct again on November 16th.

Your Primary Relationship will be with Yourself

Venus Retrograde grounds us; it puts a damper on love and relationships, bringing those walking on clouds back down to Earth. With Venus Retrograde in Scorpio, we examine the relationships and aesthetics that we would normally hide from all but a select, trusted few…perhaps even ourselves.

Dark Desires

Venus Retrograde teaches us that there is always the other side to love and beauty, and that without apathy, or ugliness, neither one can really exist. With this Venus Retrograde, we examine our darkest desires and how we compromise what we want and create fictions within ourselves to please others.

 Venus Retrograde square Mars

The first aspect Venus makes during its retrograde period is a square to Mars on October 10th, heightening desire, especially romantic and sexual desire, particularly for people we can’t have, like celebrities or unattainable ideals. This frustration may cause friction in current relationships with real people.

Venus Retrograde trine Mars

Interestingly, Venus Retrograde trines Mars a month later, on November 9th, creating a feeling of being able to have anything we want simply by asking, even though we might not remember feeling this way at all shortly before. Still, people will find affection easy and prefer to keep it light, because Venus and Mars will be in the Air signs, of Libra and Aquarius.

 Venus Retrograde conjunct Mercury

Venus conjuncts Mercury on October 15th, giving us an opportunity to put a voice to what we’ve been feeling. This may be a time where someone writes a definitive news article, song or story that expresses how we as a society feel about our most personal relationships.  

 Venus Retrograde conjunct Sun

Venus Retrograde conjuncts the Sun through the last week of October. Everyone turns their attention toward Venus Retrograde issues, like dysfunctional relationships and thwarted desires. Many of us will desire to be free of all these issues or celebrate being free from them.

 Venus Retrograde square Pluto

It won’t all be champagne bubbles, though. There’ll be an urge break away from old relationships and start new ones, destroying old connections and to build new ones in their place, as Venus Retrograde will be squaring Pluto from November 9th until it goes direct on November 16th. Just to add to this intense cocktail of energies will be an opposition from Venus to Uranus, both retrograde. This transit will occur from November 7th through early December. We should all be expecting the unexpected when it comes to relationships.


Interestingly, Mercury goes Retrograde on November 16th, the same day that Venus goes direct. It’s best to view this switcheroo as a gift to really learn the lessons of Venus Retrograde. It’s as if the universe is specifically guiding the world to retreat into thoughtful, silent contemplation over the changes and revelations of Venus Retrograde rather than distracting ourselves with mental activity and chatter.

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